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Custom PHP Development – When packaged solutions or CMS is not a viable option for your projects !!

Custom PHP Development Company

PHP, a powerful and by far the leading server side scripting or web programming language is used for developing applications, primarily web applications. PHP along with MySQL database, Linux and Apache, popularly known as LAMP, has become the cost-effective alternative to commercial software development platforms for building robust, scalable, secured and high-performing enterprise web applications. Initially, PHP was limited to simple and low traffic websites, but with the technology maturing it has become a dominant force and used for enterprise level application and high traffic websites as well. Demand for the skills and the usage doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

It is an open source programming language that serves as the base for creating dynamic and customized websites using PHP. Another reason for it’s popularity is the availability of resources and it’s tie-in with popular CMS’s.

Our team of experienced and professional PHP developers have worked on projects for complete SDLC. We’ve worked on projects right from conception to production and maintenance thereafter. In some of the other projects, we joined the project somewhere in middle of development and have been successfully been able to help clients implement them. As a custom php development company, we pay close attention to future maintenance and it’s importance of documenting the project, as it’s critical for future growth of the project. We’ve worked on projects with multiple team members spreadacross different locations and understand the process oriented, code sub versioning using GIThub, SVN and different project management tools.

We’ve worked in Agile environment and Waterfall methodology.

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