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Drupal Migrate: Is there a reason why, you’re not on Drupal, yet?

drupal migration services

As business grows and evolves, their websites has to support the business need. In the early days of internet, a simple html website would do the job and later it was interactive websites and now the responsive websites. During this cycle, one thing has definitely increased is the content that has to be on the website to interact with users. That’s a challenge for developers and administrators to manage this growing content and social media.

We’ve worked on multiple migration projects from as simple as migrating a brochure site to cms driven websites or moving cms application wordpress to drupal migration and a legacy application to Drupal. Each projects have different challenges but Drupal offers so many functionalities in the core module that it makes the overall migration simpler and easier to manage. The challenge remains in the content or data as sometimes they are not structured data.

If you’re contemplating if migration is right for you or not and some of the challenges that may be involved we can help you during the transition phase. We can also create a roadmap and POC to see how the process would go and the time it would take to complete the project.

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