PHP based CMS Development Service

PHP based CMS development: Extending CMS capabilities beyond the core functionality !!

PHP Based cms development Service

All CMS are built upon different framework or use a programming language. PHP has been a choice of language for majority of open source cms. For the proprietary cms, Java or .net framework has been a preferred choice. There are quite a few advantages of using PHP based CMS: Open Source, availability of resources, TCO (total cost of ownership) and scalability. One very important advantage of using PHP based cms framework is it integration capability, extending the MVC framework architect and availability of skills to customize, add feature/functionalities which is not offered by core CMS framework.

At cmsMinds, our focus on building CMS applications and websites has helped us carve in niche in the industry. We’ve expertise in designing and developing websites using open source CMS. We’ve build functionalities of user management, event management, content management and extended to e-commerce. We’ve built custom plugins to enable it to connect to API/web services allowing business connect to manufacturers or other vendors. We’ve built and customize plugins, extensions or modules for different CMS and frameworks.

For the enterprise applications, we’ve used existing CMS framework, and extended it’s capability by using custom development in PHP. In few instances, we had business case studies where an existing framework wouldn’t meet the business case and we’ve built the complete website application using PHP.

Please connect with one of our associates to discuss what CMS projects we have worked in past and how our experience can add value to your business.

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