WordPress Migration

WordPress Migration – Moving your non-responsive or legacy websites to WordPress!!

Wordpress Migration Service

You may have built your website using Dreamweaver or Illustrator and built a simple or dynamics HTML site or the website was developed by a proprietary cms system and now you don’t have resources to maintain the website? We like using WordPress because it’s simple but more importantly it’s open source. Since there is a big community of WordPress developers, you can always find alternate resource if things don’t work out. It’s not locked to a proprietary system and also allows any developer to pick up the work for future maintenance.

We can help you migrate site from any legacy platform or just upgrade from an existing website to a WordPress site. As with any migration projects, one of the challenges is how to migrate the content. Some of the systems would allow simple export functionalities or we can use Migrate plugins or write a custom query which can extract data from the legacy system. We can help you with the complete life cycle of the project: conception, design, development, production and future maintenance support. Once we’re done with the migration and approved by you, we can assist you in moving the website to the same hosting company.

Please contact one of our team members to design a visual roadmap for the WordPress migration project.

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