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      Backup Solution for Drupal 8

      For any system admin or a manager a paramount important is subject – BACKUP. There are lots of contrib module available for exporting the Drupal database in Drupal 7. As of this writing, there are not many options or a good contrib module available in Drupal 8. To tackle this challenge, we’ve built a module which will export the database of the current Drupal 8 website. It will also provide better user interface for listing of the database export and managing the history of the database.

      Using this module, we are also providing the feature, which will allow export database of the Drupal 8 site even if your server has disabled “exec” command. Currently, we are providing the solution for the LAMP version. This module has full dependency on the Views module which is default installed on the Drupal 8.

      How to acquire the code and check status of the AllInOne_backup module ?

      Currently, the module is available to use in Drupal.org. Please do check the following link on Drupal.org site.


      We have created the code in github. You could download from the following link.


      After getting download from the github, please copy the code directory: /path/to/module/allinone_backup. After copying the code directory, you are able to see the module in the Module list of the Drupal 8. Please check the following image:

      drupal 8 site structure

      Click on the Extends link in the top menu login as an Administrator.

      drupal 8 backend site

      Check the checkbox for “All In One Backup” and install the module by clicking on the Install button at the bottom of the page in the module listing.

      After successful installation, you are able to see the “All In One Backup” section under the “SYSTEM” tray of the configuration page. Please click on the “Configuration” link on the top menu for accessing the screen. Screenshot below:

      drupal 8 configuration

      Click on “All In One Backup” the link for accessing the Admin UI for this module. After clicking on this link, you should see screen, below:

      drupal 8 all in one backup & log

      If you want to exclude specific  tables from exporting process then please do select the tables from the “GET BACKUP NOW” section.

      Check the Screenshot, below: After clicking on the “Backup Now” button, the database would be exported and it’s history will be logged in the Backup log history.

      drupal 8 all in one backup & log

      You can easily manage all the database export from the “BACKUP LOG” section.
      Please note : The development in progress & will be published shortly.

      We are also planning to add the below functionalities in future

      • Files Export
      • Drush based installation
      • Limiting the listing of record in the “Backup Log”
      • Providing solution with or without Views module
      • Providing hook for modifying the export process
      • Providing the interface for importing the same database in the website.

      If you need assistance with using this module, please send us your questions? Feedback helps us improve !!! Go Drupal !!

      Do you need help with backup on Drupal 8? Let one of our experts guide you through the process. We are leading Drupal development company with expert Drupal developers who has years of experience doing this. We can also assist you with migration from D7 to D8.

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      Jayesh Makwana
      Jayesh Makwana

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