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      Drupal Cms Is Perfect Platform For Education Industry

      Do you know that the majority of the educators around the world publishes websites with Drupal? Whether it is elementary schools, high schools, community colleges or universities, they have adopted Drupal as the Content Management system. But interestingly, it has been observed that the maximum growth and adoption in higher education’s is with colleges and universities.

      According to the recent research 71 of the top 100 universities use Drupal, such as University of Phoenix (250,000 students), University of Minnesota (64,000 students), Ohio State University (65,000 students), Austin Community College (70,000 students) and many other well-known institutions use Drupal to foster the multifaceted nature of their business. From online bill payments for class registration, to payment for penalties, to supply of study materials, to distribution of tickets for events and seminars and other associated student services, they are using Drupal CMS to deal with their dynamic business challenges.

      Let’s check out why Drupal development is full of potential.

      Perfect solution for online education

      Drupal based e-learning systems offers great flexibility to small and big educational institutions to build their own courses and evaluate how each course is working to quickly adjust core content as per requirement. Besides this feature, the Drupal architecture helps an education institution to podcast, publish, upload educational audio tracks and videos with lecture notes, lessons, tests and reading assignments.

      Controlling access to content view

      Drupal has always been superior for administering permission and control that benefits educational institution. For example, an admin has the right to create a learning environment where no one else can access the content outside of the site and all the courses will be taken care confidentially. Moreover, the site admin will have particular permission control on which pages, course, blogs, and other website content are viewable and editable only by the staff, teachers and members.

      Liberty from vendor lock-in

      Most of the educational institutions of these days bring complete disappointment with their existing state of “vendor lock-in”. These institutions are looking for a way to free themselves of the dependency on a vendor’s roadmap. Total, freedom from vendor lock-in is one of the most excellent reasons for there are high espousal of Drupal by universities institutions and colleges.


      Managing a university’s entire web presence and keeping it compliant with campus-wide accessibility and standard guidelines is not a child’s play. Fortunately, Drupal addresses these challenges and is speedily becoming the popular choice for institutions.

      Besides, these obvious benefits, Drupal architectures are also capable of managing high traffic websites typically needed to support e-learning environments. So, does Drupal interest you now? With all above mentioned advantages, Drupal appears to be the right choice for the education industry. Whether it is an independent institution, college or university, Drupal seems to be a viable solution for all your eCommerce needs.

      Last but not the least, in this epoch of interactive learning, class-room confined learning is too restrained. Innovation Drupal CMS framework facilitates in the development of an adaptable social learning environment, thus enhancing perception of education amongst teachers and students. To optimize the capabilities of Drupal platform, hire a Drupal developer to introduce the learning material in a new system.

      To know more about Drupal CMS development for education domain contact cmsMinds.

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      Jayesh Makwana
      Jayesh Makwana

      Jayesh Makwana writes with one goal in mind: to make Drupal easy for everyone. From his first steps with Drupal 6 to mastering the latest updates, he’s a true Drupal geek, passionate about sharing his knowledge. Whether it’s tips on Drupal migration, upgrading your site, or catching up on the newest features, Jayesh’s articles are your friendly guide. He simplifies complex topics, making them accessible to Drupal users of all levels. Follow Jayesh for insights that enlighten and inspire, all delivered with the enthusiasm of someone who loves what they do.

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