Drupal Research Days

At cmsMinds, we have a fun and strong work ethic culture. For Drupal team, one of our favourite team events is DRD (Drupal Research Days), generally a 2 day long monthly event where we are free to gallop our wild and creative brains like horse and graze over the internet to explore and discover new things on Drupal.

We believe in continuous grooming & polishing our skills from time to time, our DRDs mainly include researching the uncharted territories and brainstorm the same with other team members. Other activities include,

  • Modules as a Product (MAAP)
  • Contrib modules for community
  • Solving issues for Drupal Communities at Drupal.Org & Drupal StackExchange

RNA : Research & Analysis

Drupal being an Open Source community, new modules are released on a daily basis and ain’t necessary that all the modules released are good enough to be used on a production site. We dedicate some of our time in DRDs to research on newly released modules & test them with different use cases. Some useful yet not well known modules that we stumbled upon are,

  • Adaptive Images
  • Empty Front Page
  • VDC (Views Database Connector)

We have used these in countless projects & ultimately it has made a place in our custom installation profile.

MAAP : Module As A Product

Module for a specific domain at times becomes a necessity. May that be for,

  • Media Industry
  • Education
  • Hospital
  • Medical

Our team researches in various domains as and when time permits and use the same on real time projects. We have actively worked in domains like Education & Entertainment.

DRDs have improved the efficiency & skillset of all our employees, also broadened everyone’s perspective to see a possible solution when faced with challenges when working on a client project.

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