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    How To Create First Application On Acquia Server ?

    Apr 2017 | by Jay

    Acquia is a software service company co-founded by Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson. It provides enterprise products, services, and technical support for open source platform in Drupal.

    For creating application on Acquia, we require credential details from the acquia.com site. Once you register in the site, you are able to access the all sites of the user.

    =>          <a href="https://cloud.acquia.com/app/develop">https://cloud.acquia.com/app/develop</a>

    In this, we can manage all our sites.

    How to create first application on Acquia server _

    Follow the steps to create Application on Acquia Server

    acquia cloud subscriptions

    configure drupal site

    acquia cloud applications

    acquia cloud environments

    welcome to acquia cloud

    Actually, at the starting of the application installation, acquia will only install on Dev environment . If you want to install the application to Stage environment then you need to Create tag.

    Whenever, you will drag the code from the Dev environment to Stage environment then acquia will ask to provide the message in popup. When you will click on the “Deploy” button then it will create tag for the Stage environment.
    deploy code to stage acquia cloud

    For that, please drag again the Database from Dev environment to Stage environment. It will again display popup with a message. Post to installation process, still we are not able to see the website on Staging environment. Please do check Image 4 for accessing the Stage website URL. Please do click on the Manage section under Stage environment of Image 4 for clearing the Vanish cache. After clicking on the Manage button, you are be able to see the following screen.
    acquia cloud environments

    After that, you are able to see the Stage environment website. Prod environment is not free environment, you need to upgrade your account for managing the Prod website.

    Here are few services provided by acquia, a software service company, there are many more features this dynamic company has come up with that will show case in our next blog .Apart from this further, if you require any help just drop a comment/ feedback on our website and our Drupal developers will provide you quick assistance.

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