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    How To Setup Multi-Site In Drupal 8

    Jun 2023 | by Jayesh

    Drupal 8 provides multi-site feature to use same code for different sites. You can manage multiple websites easily using the multi-site feature of Drupal 8. Multi-site allows you to use a single Drupal installation for several sites with core code, contributed modules and themes. You can also manage configuration settings and database separately for each site so it will have its own content, settings, enabled modules and enabled theme. We have shared two flow for managing multi-site feature.

    How to setup Multi-site

    drupal 8 multi site folders

    Step 1: Download latest Drupal 8 and extract code in your project directory with respect to your environment like WAMP, MAMP, LAMP, XAMPP, etc.

    Step 2: Go to “sites” folder and create the following folders
    domain1.com , domain2.com as per the below Structure image.

    Note: Please create virtual hosts (domain1.com and domain2.com) in your localhost environment.

    Step 3: In “sites” folder copy “example.sites.php” and rename file to “sites.php” and add the following lines to configure the above sites in your Drupal 8 website.

    $sites[‘domain1.com’] = ‘domain1.com’;
    $sites[‘domain2.com’] = ‘domain2.com’;

    Step 4: We need two databases for both websites so create domain1_db and domain2_db database respectively for domain1.com and domain2.com sites.

    Step 5: After above configurations, install both the site using below URL and after installation, access multi-site feature.


    We need to follow the same Step1, Step2 and Step3 as above.

    Step 6: Create one database domain_db for managing multi-site through single database.

    Step 7: After above configurations, install both the site using below URL. After installation access your multi-site feature. During the installation, use different table name prefix for each sites configuration. Please do check table prefix configuration image.

    drupal 8 database configuration

    After adding different prefix to each site, it will have it’s table in single database. Please do check the attached Database Table image. We have added test1 prefix for domain2.com.
    drupal 8 database

    Hope, the article helps you get an overview of how to setup multi-site with same code. As a leading Drupal development company in Raleigh, NC, we have qualified team of nerdy Drupal developers. If you working on a project and need some help, please contact one of our team members and see how we can help you.

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    Jayesh SR. DRUPAL DEVELOPER - cmsMinds
    Jun 2023 Jayesh


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