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      How to upgrade wordpress

      In this article, we are going to discuss about upgradation of a wordpress website.

      Go through below steps to upgrade your wordpress website.

      • Backup your database: By taking the backup of your database you are able to backup all your data in a safety way.if needed then you can get back all your data from it
      • Backup all your files folders of wordpress including .htaccess file: By taking all the files as backup you are able to restore it if at any time you are getting any problem.
      • Verify your backup database and files wheather that are working properly or not.have you taken proper back up or not.Mainly you have taken backup of whole your site for safety purpose.so before starting upgradation you should sure that you have backedup all your data and files.this is very essential step before making upgradtaion.
      • De activate all your plugins
      • Download and extract your wordpress .zip file.you can download wordpress file from download just unzip it.http://wordpress.org/download/.after
      • Delete the old wordpress site but don’t delete
      • Wp-cinfig.php file
      • Wp-content folder (wp-content/catche,wpcontent/plugin/widgets folders should be deleted)
      • Wp-image folder
      • Wp-includes/languages/ do not delete that folders if you are using languages
      • .htaccess
      • robots.txt
      • upload new files in your appropriate location
      • Run the wordpress upgrade program and follow the steps which are given by that program
      • If necessary then upgrade your permalinks and .htaccess file
      • Install updated plugin and themes
      • Reactivate the plugins
      • Add security key descriptions to your wp-config.php.Lastly you should take a look at the wp-config-sample.php file, to check if any new settings have been introduced or not and if introduce then that you might want to add to your own wp-config.php.
      • Review your site wheather it’s working properly or not
      • Finally if you got any problem for run the site then you can restore your backup details like database and files.

      Author's Bio

      Vishal Sharma
      Vishal Sharma

      With a decade of WordPress development and 5 years in project and team management, Vishal Sharma stands as a pillar of expertise and innovation. His active participation and speaking engagements within the WordPress community underscore a deep commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering growth. Trust Vishal to deliver unparalleled digital experiences rooted in a rich blend of creativity, technical skill, and leadership.

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