Improve performance with Drupal 8

Drupal8 has been very well received and adopted and being flourishing at a much faster pace then anticipated. Because of such positive response, there are lots of contrib modules available. Performance and security are the two big important things on an executive’s mind. We’ve shared some of the modules which can help improve the performance for users in Drupal 8.

1. Big Pipe : It allows faster loading of the web page by loading cached page. It will first load the cachable part of the page and later load dynamic part of the page. Basically, using this module, site performance will be improved higher than the simple caching. You can download this module from the

2. Bandwidth Improvement : Drupal 8 have an inbuilt feature to combine all the CSS files and javascript files in a compressed version. We can manage it by clicking on the performance link under admin configuration section.

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Click on this link to access the screen to aggregate css and javascript files.

Drupal Image 2

3. Install only required module: As part of site optimization and performance, we need to review the modules installed. There are lots of contrib module available. During development phase, developers may have installed different contrib modules to achieve the functionalities. Once the site is pushed in production, it’s pertinent to remove unwanted modules.

Sometimes, it is essential for you to create custom module if there is easy way to create that module rather than installing big module having lots of extra features which are not required for the site. This way, we can improve the performance of the website.

Steps to remove module.

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4. Image Styles Module: It is used for managing the size of the images based on the devices. It will load the image and optimize the image based on the size of the image. With this module, images can be loaded without consuming too much bandwidth with respect to devices. Please do check below images.

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5. View Cache : View module is having inbuilt cache. You can select tag-based, Time based, Custom PHP code caching mechanism. This feature will enhance the caching mechanism of the view of the page. Please do check the following image 5.

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6. Internal Caching Module : Drupal has an internal page caching for anonymous user. Because of this, it will store pages in cache when they access the page first time. After that, all request for other anonymous users will be served from the caching of that page.

We’ve shared few tips and modules to help improve performance for Drupal8(D8). There are more modules, tricks that you can use to improve performance.

If you’re having issues or challenges with performance for your website using Drupal, please let us know. cmsMinds specializes in different open source cms with Drupal being one of our niche expertise. You can connect with one of our team members who can assist you.

We have a wide store of such modules that helps in drupal8 performance. If require you can further connect with us, our Drupal development team has wide knowledge of such modules that are used in durpal8 performance on daily basis. As a web development company we provide all type of Drupal development service in USA.

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