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      Interesting Facts About WordPress

      WordPress is most famous, free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS). WordPress is based on php and MySql. WordPress is very popular blogging CMS used all over the world. It was released on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg , and Mike Little. Current stable version of wordpress is 5.2.

      There are many interesting facts of wordpress which we don’t know. In this article I am trying to cover some of the most interesting facts.

      Amazing Fact 1: All over 20 million websites are developed using wordpress. Some of famous website like Facebook, TED, NBC Sports, CNN , TechCrunch, Forbes and many more are run over wordpress. WordPress VIP also runs many news media and publishers all around the world. Approximate one-sixth of all websites globally are powered by WordPress. Over 50% of all websites that are developed using CMS are working on WordPress.

      Amazing Fact 2: In a single year 2014 there are 44 million installations of WordPress from WordPress.org. All over the world 60 million people where working on wordpress development. This number are increing day by day. Matt Mullenweg was very impressed and also mention his happiness during his speech “State of the Word” .

      Amazing Fact 3: “WordPress is the King of all CMS ”. WordPress holding 53.8% market share which is highest of all other CMS. Joomla, Drupal, has got 9.2% and 6.7% respectively. and all others have 30.3% market share.

      Amazing Fact 4: Translate.wordpress.org’s report says that WordPress has been translated over 70 languages for the easy using of it’s worldwide users. It is translated in most of the language like German, , English (Canada), Croatian, Norwegian ,Japanese, Romanian, , Slovenian, Hebrew, Spanish, Indonasian, Swedish, Arabic ,Slovak , Russian, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, Macedonian, French, Dutch ,Burmese, Catalan, Cosnian, Welsh , Polish Thai etc.

      Amazing Fact 5: In the blogging world WordPress is considered to be the 5th most demanding and the most requested skill. There are 30,000,000 Google searches per month for WordPress related terms.

      Amazing Fact 6: A survey says that median rate of a WordPress project is $50 p/h. Also ODesk says that over 36k of developers posted 6.725/month. Freelancer report says that over $3.6m of projects are completed through WordPress.

      Amazing Fact 7: WordPress was launched on May 27, 2003 which is a Memorial Day of American.The day of Remembrance of American war dead on, by its founders, Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

      Amazing Fact 8: Nowadays Social Media Marketing is booming. Keeping this scenario in mind, many social medias and multimedia platforms have extended their hand before WordPress.com for an integration, which is runs over many giants like Flickr, Photobucket, facebook, Slide share, twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, VodPod, Google maps, and many more.

      Amazing Fact 9: There are over 19000 plugins available free for WordPress to make site more useful. 1392 free themes are available.

      Amazing Fact 10: WordPress has 104,400 Twitter followers which is very high in compared to joomla 21,460 and drupal 20,951 .

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      Rajesh Laddha
      Rajesh Laddha

      A successful entrepreneur for the last 15 years; helping people; learning; simplicity; believe in karma –These are the words that describes me. I have built two brands in this short period of time: cmsMinds and River Delta. I believe in quality not quantity and my employees are my family. When not in office, you can see me at one of the entrepreneurship or networking events in RTP to learn, to meet and to share. On weekends you may catch me playing or coaching baseball or basketball with kids.

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