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    Should I Build Website For My Startup?

    Sep 2018 | by Navghan

    If you’re a startup there are lots of things to do and very limited time and resources. Some of the important questions that you may be consuming your resources are:

    Should I hire a CFO to help with finance/investment/accounting
    Should I hire an attorney for patent/business registration
    How much should I invest in building product(s)?
    Do I need website, marketing collaterals?
    Travel, office space, software and many more

    Should I build website

    For the purpose of this article, we will focus on why you should invest time/resources in building website.

    A common perception is you need website for selling goods or services, website as marketing material, branding and that it’s expensive to maintain. But there may be other reasons to help build the website as well. If you’re engineering, biotech startup who is building a product or service you may think website mayn’t be necessary.

    Your website can be the most powerful tool to help hire the talent that you need. While we focus on local hiring, there is a huge pool of talent across globe. A prospective employee looks for the information on the website. It’s the gateway to your brand, to your vision and to your company. A good website can be your best friend in hiring the right talent for your business.

    Just because you’re not looking for investment doesn’t mean, you shouldn’t invest resource in building website. Investors are looking for right businesses to invest the capital. It’s not limited to geography and investors across globe may be seeking for right investment opportunities. Big companies are looking to get into new technologies/ service offerings and you maybe a possible acquisition target. Having a professional website, is the first step.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you had a list of prospective customers who are willing to buy your product, once it’s ready. Also, wouldn’t be a good idea to have some beta customers who can test your service when your application is ready? While you working on your product or service development, you can collect information from prospective customers. Once the product or service is ready, you can use the database to help you do beta test and collect invaluable feedback.

    There are many different ways to build website and the costs can range from FREE to few thousands. Definitely there are pros and cons to each option. Depending on your budget, skills and time you can use any of these options, but definitely worth building a website.

    cmsMinds based in Durham, NC specializes in web development. We use open source technologies (WordPress, Drupal, PHP, AngularJS/NodeJS) to build websites which are cost effective, scalable and easy to maintain. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to put a comment or drop an email on info@cmsminds.com.

    Navghan SR. FRONT END DEVELOPER - cmsMinds
    Sep 2018 Navghan


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