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      The Engine Behind WordPress Success A Deep Dive into WP Engine’s Capabilities


      WP engine?

      Is it the same as the train engine?

      If we look at a broader perspective then YES.

      Just like a train engine holds the power to move the entire train. In the same way, WP engine is the power house used to manage the entire wordpress website.

      What’s wordpress now?

      WordPress is a well known CMS that helps one make a website from scratch as a coder as well as a layman.

      Now, the question is – What if the website gets corrupted or it gets hacked?

      It doesn’t!

      Because it is protected with ease and efficacy by the WP engine.

      In technical words – Founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen, WP Engine is a WordPress hosting company. Along with hosting services, it provides a bunch of services and toolkits for creation and optimization purposes. It also provides a range of WordPress development services, enhancing the creation and customization of websites.

      Why should you consider WP Engine for your hosting?

      • → It is an all-rounder that helps with quick backups, real time updates, top – notch performance, round the clock security and good scalability.
      • → It is a wordpress product and therefore, it is equipped with a wordpress interface perfectly. It gets instant support by the internal wordpress team.
      • → It offers solutions, additional features and technologies such as Local, StudioPress Themes, Genesis Framework for customization.
      • → WP engine and wordpress works on a common goal and that is to help you build and earn better! Therefore, it has all the resources available to help you upgrade like WP Engine Affiliate, WP Engine Academy, WP Engine Agency Partner Program etc.

      What are the Specific Features of WP Engine?

      WordPress Security and Firewall

      It safeguards your site from cyberattacks with its high-end security attributes like managed WAF, DDoS protection, SSL certificates, malware scanning.


      Did you know?

      WP Engine blocks over 26 billion malicious attacks every year.


      ★WP Engine by-default updates your WordPress core and plugins to the latest available versions.

      Pro-tip – You can select a smart plugin manager that takes help of AI to test and upgrade the plugins.

      WordPress Restore and Backups

      WP Engine has an auto backup feature that regularly updates wordpress everyday.

      If you don’t trust auto backups and restores, you can keep it manual and do it at your convenience.

      WordPress Staging and Development

      Through WP Engine, you can do live editing and testing on the wordpress site without having a direct effect on the live website.

      WordPress Performance and Caching

      WP Engine helps in optimizing site and page performances using CDN and caching solutions like Global Edge security, Evercache etc.

      WordPress Migration and Support

      With the help of WP engine, you can easily migrate wordpress sites from any available host with a simple automated plugin. For this, an entire team of experts are available 24 hours of the day for wordpress support and queries.

      How is the Pricing of WP Engine Categorised?

      It offers various pricing plans as follows:


      This is a basic plan which costs $25 per month.


      • 1 site
      • 25,000 visits
      • 10 GB storage
      • 50 GB bandwidth
      • Free SSL and CDN
      • 24/7 chat support
      • Genesis Framework
      • 35+ StudioPress Themes


      This plan goes a bit advanced and costs around $49 per month.


      • 3 sites
      • 75,000 visits
      • 15 GB storage
      • 125 GB bandwidth
      • Plus SSH Gateway
      • 24/7 phone support.
      • Import and export functionality


      This costs $95 per month.


      • 10 sites
      • GeoTarget
      • 100,000 visits
      • 20 GB storage
      • 200 GB bandwidth
      • Plus WordPress Multisite
      • 24/7 chat and phone support


      It costs $241 per month


      • 30 sites
      • 50 GB storage
      • 400,000 visits
      • 500 GB bandwidth
      • Plus Smart Plugin Manager
      • 24/7 chat and phone support

      Additionally, it also has a special custom enterprise plan for high-end support, storage and bandwidth.

      Support options available with WP Engine Hosting?

      • Chat Support
      • Phone Support
      • Email Support
      • Support Center
      • WP Engine Academy

      Performance Indicators of WP Engine for WordPress

      • Good interface
      • Latest technology
      • Better user experience
      • Optimization techniques
      • High performance and speed

      Performance Benefits of WP Engine for WordPress


      Uses Google cloud platform as its cloud infrastructure provider

      • Fast and reliable performance
      • Scalability and redundancy

      Uses EverCache, a proprietary caching system

      • Reduces the load on your database
      • Improving site speed and responsiveness
      • Customization available as per the need

      Uses global edge security, a premium CDN and security solution

      • Consistent performance for your global audience
      • Protects the site from DDoS attacks, malware, and other threats.

      Uses page performance, a performance analysis and optimization tool

      • Boost up site loading time and speed score through minifying CSS and JS, compressing images, and enabling browser caching.

      What are the Pros and Cons of WP Engine for WordPress?

      Everything has a good and a bad side. So does the WP engine!

      Pros of WP Engine

      • Managed WordPress host
      • Constant WordPress team support
      • Well-equipped with technical facilities like updates, backups, security, performance, and scalability
      • Offers many WordPress resources and programs for upgradation purposes.
      • Real-time updation of new features, technologies, and themes.

      Cons of WP Engine

      • Managed and controlled by WordPress.
      • More expensive than other WordPress hosts.
      • Does not support all plugins and themes for compatibility and performance.
      • Limits your access to some salient features and settings like cPanel, FTP, PHPMyAdmin, or SSH.
      • Only WordPress-specific platform and does not allow servers like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, or Laravel.
      • Power to make changes to your WordPress site without your consent, such as updating your core and plugins or modifying your .htaccess file.

      Therefore, before you choose WP Engine as your WordPress host, you should weigh the pros and cons of WP Engine, and compare it with other WordPress hosting options.

      You should also consider your WordPress needs, budget, and skills, and see if WP Engine is the best fit for you.

      If you are looking for a professional and reliable WordPress development agency, you can contact us at cmsMinds. We have a team of experienced and certified WordPress developers who can help you with any WordPress project, from WordPress development services to WordPress support. We can also help you with WordPress migration, WordPress maintenance, WordPress security, WordPress SEO, and more.

      Contact us today and get a quote for your next WordPress project.

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      Bharat Gohel

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