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      Five Reasons why Businesses Should use WordPress Retainers for Website Maintenance

      5 Reasons Businesses use WordPress Retainers

      Building the perfect website in this era of digitization is the dream of every business. It tells more stories about your brand and the services you offer. But what happens when security, scalability, and customer experience become a concern that requires website maintenance?

      With WordPress retainers, you get uninterrupted website maintenance from a team of technical experts for an agreed period even on a tight budget.

      This guide highlights the concept of WordPress maintenance retainers, their importance, and five reasons why businesses should consider cmsMinds for custom website maintenance.

      What is a WordPress Maintenance Retainer?

      A WordPress retainer is a contract between a business and a WordPress development company to provide uninterrupted website maintenance for the latter for an agreed duration and fees. Retainers are different from one-off services because they cover all aspects of website maintenance, from security audits, optimization and scalability, and theme and plugin updates.

      WordPress maintenance schedules vary with companies but the most popular ones are:

      • Monthly retainers: Here, the WordPress development company agrees to manage and maintain the client’s website for 30 days.
      • Quarterly Retainers: The business and WordPress company enter into a three-month contract for website maintenance services.
      • Yearly Retainers: The contract between both parties lasts for a year.

      Website Maintenance for Businesses – Why is it Important?

      Website Maintenance for Businesses

      Websites represent online identity, especially for businesses. You may have a physical office but your website is what everyone who has access to the internet gets to see. Businesses are empowered to create captivating websites that are a true reflection of who they are.

      Today’s businesses often use content management systems to build their websites. Keeping up with the trend and maintaining a secure and scalable website is challenging for most businesses. Nonetheless, website maintenance is a critical aspect that shouldn’t be ignored.

      The following are reasons why website maintenance is necessary for every business:

      • Enhanced scalability: Your website should function optimally from the day it was built so long as your business exists and daily visitors increase. Slow websites and incompatibility across several devices can ruin your reputation and discourage visitors from your website. With regular website maintenance, scalability, loading time and compatibility across devices and browsers will be at optimal levels.
      • A reflection of your brand: Things change rapidly in this digital dispensation and websites are now designed with exciting WordPress themes that enhance brand visibility. A well-maintained website helps to showcase the changes made to your brand, helping you align more with your customers.
      • Great user experience and search engine ranking: You need customers to scale your business. However, customers can be deterred from your website when the user interface is poor. This can also indirectly affect your ranking on search engines. Website maintenance ensures your designs and plugins are regularly updated to boost customer experience and optimization of search engines.

      Factors Businesses Should Consider When Choosing a WordPress Retainer

      When Choosing a WordPress Retainer

      It has been established that building a website is just a step towards creating an online presence. You will need to maintain it regularly. One way of doing this is entering into a retainer relationship with a WordPress development company.

      Retainers help businesses save costs and time. But before your company enters into a WordPress retainer, certain factors must be considered. Let’s explore them below.

      • State of your business: Some businesses have a high influx of daily visitors, making them require regular maintenance. Entering into a retainer should depend on how frequently your website requires maintenance and how long that should last. For instance, a website with daily visitors above 5,000 – 10,000 would likely enter into quarterly or yearly retainers.
      • Budget: The prices of retainers vary. Opting for a package that aligns with your budget and gives you the satisfaction you need is ideal.
      • Reputation of the WordPress company: Choosing a WordPress company to handle all the maintenance your business website needs should not be done randomly. You must ensure the company has a track record of reliability and excellence. One way of doing this is by checking out Trustpilot or the company’s website for testimonials.

      Five Reason Businesses Should Leverage cmsMinds’ WordPress Retainer to Maintain Their Website

      For businesses that prioritize regular website updates and maintenance, entering into a retainer relationship with a WordPress company is a great thing to do. Several WordPress companies exist but cmsMinds is the perfect game-changer for retainers.

      With cmsMinds’ maintenance retainers, businesses can have their websites frequently updated by highly trained technical professionals based on their budgets.
      What exactly are the benefits of leveraging cmsMinds’ maintenance retainers? Let’s explore them below.

      Enhanced Security

      Depending on the maintenance retainer package you choose for your business, our team will diligently monitor your website daily to check for vulnerabilities, potential threats, security breaches, and spam and remove them. This ensures your website functions optimally and stays up to date, ensuring your business doesn’t lose revenue or customers due to website downtime.

      More Value for Less

      A lot of work goes into maintaining a website. With one-off maintenance projects, you get to spend a lot for a single maintenance session. If your website needs daily to weekly maintenance, you’ll be spending a fortune.

      Opting for cmsMinds’ retainers will be a good business decision because you’ll be spending less on regular maintenance. Our maintenance procedure is elaborate. We make sure your website has a perfect health status in terms of security, productivity, layout, and search engine ranking, even if you’re on a tight budget.

      Frequent Technical Support

      Having a retainer contract with cmsMinds doesn’t just end at examining your website and making updates you desire. Our technical team has vast expertise and is capable of maintaining your website while you focus on other critical areas of your business.

      We keep up with new trends and ensure your website aligns with set standards for optimal performance and customer appeal. Occasionally, we may suggest upgrades that could be valuable to your business, further proving our level of efficiency.

      Familiarity with your Website

      Website maintenance is a tricky process, especially if you run a business. Frequently working with new developers is stressful and can ruin your precious work.

      With every new developer you bring onboard, you get to explain how your website works and the updates you need from scratch. Developers who are new to maintaining your website could cost you a lot if they lack sufficient expertise.

      Professionals at cmsMinds are well-trained and can figure out what a website needs without ruining it or making you explain countless times.

      Open Communication and Reliability

      Entering into a retainer relationship with an open-minded and reliable team is fulfilling. Before every maintenance session, you’ll get briefs from our WordPress experts.

      Given the existing familiarity with your website, we can provide same-day services for updates requested.

      cmsMinds’ retainer contracts come with other benefits besides those listed above. As a top WordPress development company in Raleigh, we strive to help businesses build their dream websites and professionally maintain them.

      With our flexible and budget-friendly retainer contracts, you can get custom website maintenance. And if you’re looking to start your business, you can speak to our professionals and they will build a website that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

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      Hemant Kothari

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