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      BioPods BioPods is a company specializing in innovative footwear solutions for individuals with foot problems. They are committed to providing products that are both effective and comfortable, allowing individuals to live pain-free lives.

      They reached out to our team to transform their online presence by redesigning and migrating their website from WordPress to Shopify. The objective was to enhance the user experience for main and product pages for a seamless customer journey.

        Services Provided

        • Design Prototype
        • Front end Development
        • Backend Development
        • QA & Software Testing

      Project Overview

      Our Role:

      Redesigning and Migrating from WordPress to Shopify

      Our Responsibilities:
      • Redesign BioPods’ Shopify website for an improved shopping experience.
      • Develop tailored features, including personalized shoe measurements and profiles.
      • Design a specialized signup process and customized category for healthcare professionals (HCPs).
      • Create innovative extensions, including a sophisticated measurement formula and unique size code generation.
      • Implement personalized email flows through Klaviyo for different customer categories.
      Project Overview


      Our team showed great teamwork as this project was completed with the efforts of the Design and Shopify team:

      • Seamless Accessibility: The new website was meticulously crafted to ensure flawless accessibility on all devices, enabling a cohesive shopping journey for customers, including those on mobile platforms.
      • Enhanced User Experience: The new Shopify website we developed prioritized functionality and ease of use. By focusing on a seamless and intuitive interface, we ensured customers could effortlessly navigate the platform.
      • Successful Content Migration: Transitioning from WordPress to Shopify posed challenges, but our expert team ensured a smooth migration of all content and customer data, preserving BioPods’ existing customer relationships.
      • Empowering Personalization: Our custom extensions and applications allowed customers to personalize their footwear selections by choosing appropriate shoe sizes, soles, and other preferences.
      • Dedicated Healthcare Professional Engagement: The introduction of a specialized signup process and customized category for healthcare professionals extended enhanced benefits, deepening BioPods’ engagement with this crucial segment.
      • Innovative Measurement Formula: The development of a sophisticated measurement formula using PHP code and API integration on the Shopify Plus portal revolutionized the accuracy of shoe customization.
      • Streamlined Size Code Generation: Our unique size code generation system simplified the shopping process, making it easier for customers to find the perfect fit.
      • Enhanced Product Pages: Fully customized product pages, thoughtfully designed to guide customers seamlessly, contributed to higher engagement and conversion rates.
      • Tailored Email Flows: By utilizing Klaviyo, we implemented personalized email flows that resonated with different customer categories, driving higher engagement and loyalty.


      • Challenge: Implementing the foot measurement formula on the website, integrating a custom formula written in core PHP, and creating an API and dashboard for managing foot size ranges.
      • Solution: We successfully integrated the custom foot measurement formula, developed an API, and implemented a user-friendly dashboard to effortlessly manage foot size ranges, ensuring accurate and hassle-free results for website users.

      • Challenge: Establishing a seamless customer journey with two measurement options, standard and customized, while ensuring efficient backend processing and user understanding of sizing.
      • Solution: We accomplished a seamless user journey by providing standard sizing options with an underlying Identical size code generation for Biopods Manufacturing, and a user-friendly custom sizing feature with backend formula validation, resulting in easily recognizable Biopods size codes (e.g., M8/L9-R2 {check screenshot) for customers.

      • Challenge: Creating a custom email flow to retain customers by sending tailored emails based on user profiles, ordered product types, and personalized follow-ups.
      • Solution: Leveraging Klavio’s capabilities, we implemented a dynamic email system that sends customized emails, including a personalized order confirmation email, using multiple conditional logic to enhance the user experience and encourage effective utilization of Biopods products.

      • Challenge: Client served products for two different types of customers with different models of pricing and product listing as well as guide documents on why to wear Biopods product and how it helps if you wear the shoes in various activities in routine.
      • Solution: We successfully configured a two-tiered customer system, enabling regular retail clients to order products at standard prices while granting Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) a 50% discount on purchasing bundle products through their dedicated account dashboard.


      The successful redesign and migration of BioPods’ website on Shopify have not only enhanced their online presence but also elevated the shopping experience for their diverse customer base. Our partnership with BioPods showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and commitment in achieving remarkable results. As we move forward, we are excited to continue our journey with BioPods, contributing to their mission of providing innovative, comfortable, and personalized solutions for foot problems.

      In conclusion, our collaboration with BioPods led to a significant transformation of their online presence. We successfully redesigned and migrated their website to Shopify Plus, ensuring seamless accessibility and an enhanced user experience. Challenges, like implementing a custom foot measurement formula and managing different pricing models for distinct customer segments, were met with expert solutions. Our work extended to personalized email flows through Klaviyo, driving customer engagement and loyalty. This project exemplifies our commitment to innovation and customer-centric design. We eagerly anticipate further success with BioPods and future clients in their digital journeys.


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