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      Romantic Asheville

      Migrated website from Drupal 7 to 9.

      Romantic Asheville – One of the most popular travel websites in the region and has a significant following on social media. The website was originally built on Drupal 7 and had become outdated, with limited functionality, an unresponsive design, and poor performance. Migrated to Drupal 9 and improve its functionality and performance.

        Services Provided

        • Design Prototype
        • Front end Development
        • Backend Development
        • QA & Software Testing

      Project Overview

      Our Role:

      Transforming Romantic Asheville’s Online Presence

      Our Responsibilities:
      • Facilitate the seamless migration of Romantic Asheville’s existing Drupal 7 website to Drupal 9.
      • Prioritize the optimization of website functionality and performance.
      • Implement design enhancements for improved responsiveness and user experience.
      Our goal:

      Revamping the acclaimed travel site Romantic Asheville, initially on Drupal 7, marred by limited functionality and unresponsive design, we migrated to Drupal 9 for enhanced capabilities, performance, and user experience.

      Project Overview


      • Migrated 2500+ contents and 15+ content types using the migration UI, preserving all data and content.
      • Migrated over 78,000 webform submissions from multiple forms to new forms in thousands.
      • Successfully listed nearby items based on the proximity field in Drupal View
      • Optimized the website’s images and code
      • Installed apache solr modules on the pantheon platform.


      Developing such a complex project from scratch was not an easy task. Here are some of the challenges we overcame during the project:

      • Identified compatibility issues between the two versions of Drupal and addressed them to ensure a smooth transfer of content and functionality.
      • Required careful planning and execution to ensure that no data was lost or corrupted during the migration.
      • Different designs based on item tiers, premium and non-premium, added complexity to the migration process.
      • Had to identify and address compatibility issues between the two Drupal versions, ensuring that all content and functionality were transferred smoothly.
      • Migrating the proximity field that listed nearby items based on address latitudes and longitudes was straightforward in Drupal 7 but required careful consideration during the migration process.


      The Romantic Asheville migration project was a success, meeting all of the client’s requirements and preserving all of their data and content during the migration process.

      Our team’s expertise in migrating large amounts of data between different versions of Drupal, combined with our commitment to delivering projects efficiently and within budget, ensured that the updated website is now fully functional, offering users the same great experience as before, with improved functionality and updated features.

      Overall, this project showcased our team’s dedication to delivering quality results, even in the face of complex challenges.

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