Backup Solution for Drupal 8

For any system admin or a manager a paramount important is subject – BACKUP. There are lots of contrib module available for exporting the Drupal database in Drupal 7. As of this writing, there are not many options or a good contrib module available in Drupal 8.

Drupal Research Days

At cmsMinds, we have a fun and strong work ethic culture. For Drupal team, one of our favourite team events is DRD (Drupal Research Days), generally a 2 day long monthly event where we are free to gallop our wild and creative brains like horse and graze over the internet to explore and discover new things on Drupal.

WordPress Developer’s experience learning Drupal Development!!

wordpress to drupal development

By background I am a WordPress developer, however, one of my senior advised me to look at Drupal. I had the notion that Drupal isn’t user friendly and technically hard to manage. I started reading online and reading others experience of I was convinced that I should try.

How to Build single page website in Drupal

Drupal Development

Drupal being one of the world’s most trusted content management systems, still when it comes to “One Page Site Approach” there aren’t many options for developers to develop a lightweight One Page Site with minimum possible 3 rd party modules.

Drupal Cms Is Perfect Platform For Education Industry

drupal development

Do you know that the majority of the educators around the world publishes websites with Drupal? Whether it is elementary schools, high schools, community colleges or universities, they have adopted Drupal as the Content Management system. But interestingly, it has been observed that the maximum growth and adoption in higher education’s is with colleges and […]