Art of not getting hacked: PHP

Every day thousands of websites launches, and every website owner has big but common concerns: security and performance of the website.

How to Write Custom Laravel Artisan Commands

Before we start how to create custom artisan command, let’s check what is Artisan command and how can we use this artisan command in our project.

Autoload & PSR in PHP

autoload function in php

As we build pages in PHP, we use lots of files (written earlier in the development) and we call on them as needed on each pages. So instead of writing all the file names, we can use Autoloader feature. Autoloader reduces stress to include all the files again and again in each and every page. It is used to automatically load class in your project.

How to create your own Composer/Packagist package

Hello Friends, Today I will explain you how to contribute in PHP communities to create packages using Composer and Packagist.

How to solve multi-language issue using MySQL and PHP

Often times we find an issue in displaying text or string of another language like Chinese, Urdu or any other international language from the database to webpage.