How to Create Ninja Forms in WordPress websites

Ninja form is one of the best plugins for forms in the WordPress ecosystem. There are lots of advantages of using Ninja forms, but that’s for a different article. In this article, we are going to show you how you can create Ninja Forms. We have made the process very easy to create Ninja forms […]

Top 10 Simple Tips to Secure WordPress Site

Wordpress is by far the leading cms for building websites. Depending on which statistics you want to look at it powers anywhere from 30% to 60% of the websites across the whole internet.

Gutenberg Editor: Developer’s perspective

Gutenberg is block based editor where user can see live preview & know exactly the view of live web page. The main feature of Gutenberg is to provide drag & drop facility to add blocks & elements.

Step by Step guide to setup Twilio

Twilio provides your web & mobile apps the power to exchange messages on any platform, from chat to SMS. Twilio is mainly used as a SMS service provider for website & apps. It also provides Voice call service as well.

How to Show Statewise Team Members With Details in WordPress?

WordPress is by far the leading CMS that powers more 50% of all sites across the web. The whole eco-systems of thousands of plug-ins, availability of resources and ease of use for technical/non-technical users have made it popular content management system.