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    We are committed to a quality work-life balance. Read more about the benefits you’ll enjoy when you the experts at cmsMinds.

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    Why cmsMinds?

    Working with cmsMinds is both a career and a lifestyle. You will work with experts in the world of CMS, while tackling interesting projects in our core cares of competencies like WordPress, Drupal, PHP, Full Stack, Magento, and Shopify development.

    We are committed to our field of endeavor. cmsMinds participate as mentors and panelists in conferences, meetups, and one-on-one sessions to give back to the developer community. You can see our technical contributions to the field in the code and plugins we’ve developed and shared in open source platforms.

    We also value personal and family time. You’ll have competitive compensation, on the job and ongoing opportunities to learn via career development and a work environment that allows you to also make the most out of your personal life.

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    cmsMinds professional events team

    During non-COVID times, we attend regular professional development events as expert panelists, attendees, and mentors. We contribute to our industry’s open-source platforms and readily share our knowledge with others. Look for us at upcoming events by clicking on this link.




    Come find us! Whether we’re professional, social, or virtual events, say hi, and let’s start a conversation about how you are doing, and whether we can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

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