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    WordPress 6.0 Major Release

    by cmsMinds July 18, 2022

    WordPress has released “Arturo” — its second major release of this year after version 5.9 coming out just four months back. This release comes jam-packed with over 400 updates and enhancements, 500 bug fixes and 91 new features! Arturo makes the whole WordPress experience more intuitive for newcomers while giving the power users much-awaited changes and new features to get excited about!

    Full Site Editing

    There has been a lot of buzz in the WordPress community around Full-Site Editing since the time it was announced. Finally, Arturo brings the potential of Full-Site Editing with the fundamentals of our good ol’ Gutenberg to WordPress.

    Style Variations and Switching

    All block themes, like Twenty-Twenty Two, will now have the option to contain multiple style variations. This essentially allows you to create shortcuts to change the look and feel of your website in just a few clicks all within a single theme!

    More Template Choices

    We know that templates are life-savers — they save time and keep things consistent. With WordPress 6.0, you can get even more out of them with the addition of five new template options for specific functions: author, date, categories, tag, and taxonomy. Utilize them with your favorite tools or with the newly added features like the quick inserter, query block custom filtering, image controls, etc.

    Enhanced Writing Experience

    This version also brings some good improvements to the overall writing experience. It’s good to see the community continuously refining every aspect of WordPress. So from now on, while creating content, you’ll be able to notice the following changes:

    • You’ll now be able to easily select, copy and paste text from multiple blocks. People who write using the WordPress editor know what this is about — While selecting text across two different blocks earlier, all the text used to get selected automatically, which was mildly annoying to be honest. 
    • You can now type two open brackets `[[` to quickly access a list of recent posts and pages. This will be useful when doing internal linking on your posts.
    • Before publishing a post, WordPress will now remind you to add tags. This is a handy little feature for content creators. Apart from that, the tag clouds and social icons are even more appealing with updated settings and controls!

    Block Improvements

    WordPress 6.0 is bringing some great block improvements. Starting with the addition of new blocks like post author biography, avatar, read more and the comment query loop block — you’ll be able to “blockify” your WordPress website even more and make it more modular in design. 


    Block Locking Controls

    Now you can lock your blocks so that they can’t be moved or edited. This is useful when you’re working with a lot of reusable blocks and want to keep things consistent. A pretty neat and useful feature in our opinion.

    Style Retention Features

    A rather new concept in 6.0 is Style Retention, which can be seen in two places — in blocks and in buttons. Now when you transform a block from one type to another, the style will be retained. Same concept while adding new buttons, such that after customizing a button, adding new buttons will retain the style customization automatically. Cool right?

    Brand New Design Tools

    It is a known fact that the design aspect of WordPress is given extra care with each release. This one is no different than the rest. Some new additions include:

    • New border controls now offer a simpler way to set your border exactly as you like, and transparency level for your colors allow for more color options.
    • Now, Group blocks can allow you to edit things like margins, gaps and typography on a collection of blocks all at once. Pretty useful for bulk editing.
    • For more layout flexibility, WordPress now allows you to switch between stack, row, and group variations to position groups of blocks exactly as you like.

    What else is there?

    A lot more! These were just the main highlights and attractions of the release. There’s so much more included in Arturo — ranging from integrated patterns, better list view, and theme exports. Not just features, WordPress 6.0 has come with improved performance to make your website snappier than ever before. Now that you know all about the new and exciting features, go to your dashboard and look for yourself!

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