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    The idea behind 50 ml is to rediscover the pleasure of taking care of yourself, nourishing your skin and body with natural and high-quality products free of parabens, mineral oils, and other ingredients that could be harmful. As a reaction to the increasingly frenetic daily rhythms and the enormous influence of branded products, the idea is to take a break, dedicate some time to yourself and discover fantastic products that can solve your personal needs. still satisfied. You just have to take some time, relax and love your body in an original, simple, and innovative way, wherever you are and at any time. 50 ml is the place created specifically for all beauty enthusiasts who consider quality the most important characteristic of the product and who want to discover surprising new products. Taking advantage of recent technological development, in particular the massive impact of the Internet, we offer all beauty enthusiasts a wider and more varied range of products, allowing them to discover small and niche brands from all over the world and to share their views with other consumers.

    Technology - HTML - Javascript - Jquery - Magento 1 - PHP

    Categories -Magento