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      Da Sneaker Vault is a marketplace for sneakers that offers sneaker heads, fashion enthusiasts, casual shoppers, and passionate collectors a unique experience when it comes to buying and selling sneakers in Europe. Furthermore, we are not only limited to just e-commerce. We provide a multi-faceted platform for all our users, to engage with a community as passionate about sneakers as they are, while enjoying high levels of security and authenticity, an exceptional variety of sneakers, personalised services, and most importantly, lots and lots of fun.

      Da Sneaker Vault is a project that has been envisioned by a sneaker head who’s passion is to buy, sell and collect sneakers online. I wanted to create a marketplace that is revolves around the clients’ experience. I wanted to create a platform where the buyer and seller can engage in trading with each other directly, and not through consignment sales. Most importantly, I wanted to build a community that serves the European market, and bring an exciting and personalised experience to the users. A sneaker marketplace, envisioned by a true sneaker head, now that’s something special and that’s how I want you to feel on Da Sneaker Vault; special!

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