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    Micro Power Guard

    About The Project

    MicroPower Guard is a revolutionary air filtration system designed to protect your home and family from microscopic contaminants that traditional filters just can’t catch. MPG uses an electric charge to polarize and trap harmful particles while simultaneously cleaning the air in your home. It is built in Drupal 8. Our new and improved low-pressure media uses proprietary carbon string design to deliver a critically powerful 7.2KW polarized charge directly to the media fibers. This unique technology allows for greater filtration, improved airflow, and much less energy usage than traditional carbon filters. MicroPower Guard is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can protect your home with the confidence of knowing that you are covered for life.

    Technology - Bootstrap - CSS - CSS3 - Drupal 8 - HTML - HTML5 - Javascript - Jquery - MySql

    Categories -Drupal