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    The Kitchen Company

    About the Project

    Kitchen Company a Drupal 7 CMS website. The Kitchen Company will design a space that lives up to your vision, one that will reflect your style, fit your functional needs, meet your budget and be designed for your life. The Kitchen Company was founded in 1953 when A. John Fecke, a sales rep for Republic Steel and a veteran of both WWII and the Korean War, recognized the growing demands of the post-war housing market. Fecke (father to current owners/designers John Fecke and Gail Bolling) began selling premade kitchen cabinetry wholesale to builders from a warehouse on Old Broadway in North Haven. He was a patient, fair and hardworking employer – someone who always took the high road, who looked out for contractors and vendors as much as he did his own employees.

    Technology - Ajax - Bootstrap - CSS - CSS3 - Drupal 7 - HTML - Jquery - MySql

    Categories -Drupal