NO RESIGNATION IN 2 YEARS – Employee Turnover : What does it say about the company ??

cmsMinds is pleased to inform that there is NOT a SINGLE RESIGNATION in over two years now. We believe in making our process/policy employee friendly with complete transparency. I am not sure what drives such a good employee retention (good luck or people friendly company), but we’ve taken the below steps to achieve this milestone.

Flexible Working Hours :- Employees at cmsMinds are given the flexibility to work on their flexible hours depending on their personal commitment so that they can balance their personal life with work.

Flexible Leave Policy :- Apart from 15 paid leaves, we also offer 2nd and 4th Saturday as holidays. On 5th Saturday’s there’s learning event or social company-wide get together which are arranged by the employees itself. Also, we’re not reluctant in granting the leave beyond 15 paid leaves.

Competitive Appraisal :- We believe that the compensation is a very important factor in one’s career. At the end of the day, one needs to pay their bills. Based on the performance and tenure with the company, cmsMinds employee is provided with fair and competitive pay to motivate and retain team.

No Bond/No Commitment :- cmsMinds would like their employees to work freely without any kind of pressure or strings attached. We don’t believe in any form of bond or commitment from any of the employees we hire. We believe it’s a journey and we’ll like to make the best of it.

Learn from mistakes :- Human beings make mistake. We all make mistakes. Admiting and taking corrective action to those mistakes take courage. We stand with our team when mistakes happen.

Complete Transparency :- We believe in complete transparency where financial details are shared with the all the employees which includes revenues and expenses (infrastructure, salary, electricity/internet expenses & others). Employees know how their hard work has helped bottom-line for the company. This leads to our final point.

Introducing Profit Sharing :- cmsMinds value each and every employees’ contribution. Apart from salary and annual appraisal, cmsMinds has introduced profit sharing which is shared every month depending on company’s profit & it’s expenses.

Please share your thoughts/comments if you’ve seen this approach has helped retain talent. We’re open to feedback, learn and implement new ideas.