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With constantly changing behavior of the customers in using various software, it becomes imperative for businesses to test their logic, software and application from all aspects. It is important that you offer futuristic and flexible solution to your customers. The important element after development is the process of testing, which ensures whether the solution is fit to match the expectations of the customers or not. Software testing and quality assurance needs years of experience and expertise. For optimum results, proper planning and deep understanding of the software is needed.

cmsMinds is a leading quality assurance and software testing service provider in Raleigh USA. We have more than a decade of experience in offering a wide range of software testing services to a variety of clients from different industry sectors. We have dedicated and qualified team of software testing professionals who are well versed with the process of testing. We use advanced tools and platforms to offer automation testing and software testing consulting.

Our Experience and Expertise in Quality Assurance Services

Web Application Testing

A website plays a vital role in enhancing your business and when you are launching your business website, it should be of superior quality. Our cmsMinds web application testing team offers a wide range of web app testing, which enables you to launch high quality solutions with confidence.

Mobile Testing

With the evolving mobile devices, screen sizes, software platforms, processing speed and screen resolution, it has become imperative for businesses to run their applications through rigorous software testing challenges. Being an experienced mobile testing service provider, we have comprehensive lab and equipments to test your mobile framework and ensure maximum testing procedures in a minimal time frame.

Desktop Application Testing

While launching applications for desktops, it is important to ensure that they are properly tried and tested. With the help of our desktop application testing team you can gain maximum leverage over the solution. We have strong experience and knowledge in testing desktop applications.

Testing Automation Services

Choosing the right methodologies, tools and applications to test automation services can either make your business or break your business. With the help of our experienced team by your side, you can get support for testing at any level you need.

Unit Testing Services

The simple purpose of unit testing is to ensure that your solution is bug free right from the development process. With our expert team’s accurate unit tests, bugs and inconsistencies will be detected in the early stage of the development, giving you the platform for refactoring the development.

QA Documentation Services

The first step and perfect way of software testing and quality assurance is to plan the testing with appropriate documents. Documenting the designs, executions, results and summaries of the software testing are the best practices. We documented QA and QC becomes an essential tool in facilitating the entire process. Our team of software testers use advanced tools like Specflow and Cucumber to maintain software testing documentations for your business.

QA Consulting Services

Most of the companies believe that they have the best Quality Assurance team and the procedure they are following is appropriate. But they later realize when customers list out the bugs in their solution. In order avoid such situation – choose the cmsMinds team for software testing and quality assurance consulting. Our experienced team of software testers provide the right guidance at the right time to ensure the quality of solution enhanced to best in class.

Why should you choose us?

By choosing cmsMind’s quality assurance team you gain access to the most experienced and highly skilled professionals. You can leverage our experience to offer the most high quality solutions in the market. Our team of software testers align themselves as per your business objective and accordingly design the entire software testing process. As per the platform and solution, we introduce innovative testing procedures by which the solution becomes more robust and futuristic. With more than a decade of experience in software testing and quality assurance we understand how important quality work and timely delivery is. Working with us will make you feel like you are working with your own in-house team.

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