UX Design Services

Intuitive user friendly design. Works across all browsers, all devices, all the time!!

As web applications have grown bigger and complex the need for good front end design has become paramount. Unfortunately for business users the term web designer, front end design, UI/UX designer, responsive layout, HTML5/CSS3 becomes confusing and misunderstood. Depending on the project it’s applications and it’s need you could have different SME’s working on each aspect of design.

In the past usually a good end back end developer would also do the front end design, but with web applications evolving it’s important to have a good front end design team who can understand the pros and cons of a good user-interface. Technology and availability of tools has changed exponentially and so has the need for good design team. With different screen sizes (smart phones, tablets), different browsers and powerful scripting languages allows user to make a huge difference between a good UI/UX design and a clunkier website.

With the introduction (and I guess now massive adaption) of NodeJS, AngularJS and other scripting languages which are pretty light weight but allows for dynamic content building, views and create reusable components.
At cmsMinds we’ve been fortunate to work on few projects which has allowed us to use some newer frameworks and scripting languages which has allowed us to build good web applications. Our team worked on multiple projects where we moved from legacy to responsive design, redesigning the front end for a better user experience.

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