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There are many reasons why WordPress became popular CMS, but we think these are the two important ones: Marketplace and the ability to build and integrate custom WordPress plugin. Of all the open-source cms, WordPress offers has a maximum number of themes and plugin in the marketplace making it the most economical to build simple websites and to build and integrate custom WP plugin. WordPress core offers basic functionality. WordPress has a big marketplace to get free and premium plugins which help keep the overall development cost low. Since it’s the open user can take an existing plugin and customize the plugin to the business need.

Here at cmsMinds, we offer Custom WordPress Plugin Development Services or customize an existing plugin. We strive to limit the use of customization as it impacts future maintenance. As plugins have security and other updates all the customizations are lost if they are automatically updated.  We strive to find the plugin in the marketplace that matches closely to the requirements, but there are instances that it becomes inevitable but to build a custom WordPress plugin. In the past, we’ve built custom WordPress plugins for our customers where we realized that the effort to customize the existing plugin is higher than just building from scratch.

Please contact one of our WordPress Developers to find whether custom WordPress development is really required for your project.

Wordpress Plugin Development Services

Wordpress is the world’s most popular content management system

WordPress Development Service

WordPress Development Service

We Provide complete WordPress solutions that are compatible with all business models and industry verticals.

Wordpress Theme development Service

Wordpress Theme Development

We understand that all web projects have some form of theming and customization to the project.

Custom Wordpress Development Service

Custom Wordpress Development

Over the years cmsMinds has implemented and continuous to implement Wordpress projects and has stretched its flexibility to its strength.

WordPress Migration Service

WordPress Migration

We can help you migrate site from any legacy platform or just upgrade from an existing platform to Wordpress.

Hire Wordpress Developer

Hire Wordpress Developer

Hire wordpress developer for your on-going needs.

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