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      Why Opt for a Website Care Plan?


      Website Security

      Your web hosting company likely monitors hosting security continually. But what about website security? What happens when a bug in a plugin or theme results in a hack? Typically, the responsibility to address these issues falls on the website owner. At cmsMinds, we not only help prevent such threats but also take swift corrective action if and when they occur, ensuring your website remains secure and functional.


      Core, Plugins and Theme Updates & Care

      Maintaining up-to-date CMS cores, plugins, themes, and code is crucial for website security and functionality. At cmsMinds, we meticulously manage these updates to prevent vulnerabilities and ensure your site operates smoothly.  Our technical oversight extends to auditing user permissions and administrative accounts to ensure only authorized access and minimize security risks. This comprehensive management keeps your website operating smoothly and securely, safeguarding your digital presence.


      Performance Optimization

      Investing in digital marketing is only part of the equation. If your website lags in speed, your efforts won’t yield optimal results. Our care plans prioritize performance optimization, enhancing your site’s speed to ensure rapid load times and a smooth user experience, keeping visitors engaged and minimizing bounce rates.


      Manage Scheduled Backups

      Never worry about losing your data. Your web hosting company does provide backups but you as the website owner need to schedule it (unless you’ve managed hosting).  We manage your hosting and backups so your website’s information is backed up and can be quickly restored, providing peace of mind and continuity for your business operations.


      Expert Support

      At cmsMinds, we understand that immediate, expert assistance can significantly improve a website’s performance. Our team of seasoned developers and technical specialists is readily available to provide support when you need it. From troubleshooting complex issues to implementing new features, our professionals are committed to providing swift and effective solutions, ensuring your website operates at optimal level without disruptions.


      SEO Enhancements

      Our Website Care Plans focuses on technical SEO optimizations crucial for enhancing your site’s visibility in search engine results. We refine your website’s structure and backend elements, including improving site speed, optimizing mobile responsiveness, and ensuring proper indexing. These technical adjustments are designed to align with search engine algorithms, helping to increase your website’s organic search rankings and overall digital presence.

      Our Website Care Services

      cmsMinds offers a variety of Website Care Plans tailored to meet different levels of need, from basic maintenance to comprehensive management. Our detailed table includes more features to help you choose the plan that best fits your website’s requirements:

      Features Maintain Optimize Supervise
      Price $99 $249 $499
      Website Hosting icon icon icon
      Software Upgrades icon icon icon
      24/7 Security Monitoring icon icon icon
      Daily Backups icon icon icon
      Detailed Monthly Report icon icon icon
      Content Delivery Network icon icon icon
      SSL Certificate icon icon icon
      Simple Analytics icon icon icon
      Support Time 1 Hour 3 Hours 7 Hours
      Page Speed Optimization icon icon icon
      SEO Enhancements icon icon icon
      Priority Support icon icon icon
      Strategy Calls icon icon icon
      Content Editing icon icon icon
      Design Modifications icon icon icon
      Custom Feature Development icon icon icon

      How to onboard?

      If you’ve been putting off regular website maintenance, now is the perfect time to revitalize your online presence. 

      Before you signup for one of our care plans, we would first start with a FREE AUDIT

      This would help us evaluate what the current situation is and take an inventory of any issues your website may have. Curious, what’s included in this audit?

      Website Audit Includes

      ui-ux-design-review UI/UX & Design Review

      We examine the overall aesthetic and usability of your site to ensure it provides an optimal user experience. This includes assessing layout consistency, color schemes, font readability, and the intuitiveness of the navigation structure. Our goal is to identify areas that can be enhanced to increase engagement and conversion rates.

      frontend-review Frontend Review

      Our team reviews the client-facing side of your website for performance issues, responsive design consistency, and overall functionality across different devices and browsers. We’ll also evaluate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript implementations to pinpoint inefficiencies or errors that might be slowing down your site.

      backend-review Backend Review

      We delve into the server-side elements of your website to analyze your database efficiency, server response times, and backend architecture. This includes checking for clean code practices, security protocols, and the scalability of your site infrastructure to handle growth and traffic spikes.

      hosting-review Hosting Review

      We assess your current hosting setup to ensure it supports your website’s needs effectively. This includes evaluating server reliability, load times, uptime guarantees, and the potential for upgrades or changes to enhance site performance and security.

      Not sure which plan fits? Book a free audit
      to find the right care plan for your website’s
      unique needs.

      Why Choose cmsMinds for Website Care Services?


      Proactive Problem Solving


      At cmsMinds, we don’t just fix problems—we prevent them. Our proactive approach ensures potential issues are addressed before they impact your site, maintaining smooth operation and optimal performance at all times.


      Dedicated Expertise

      Our team of experts specializes in website maintenance, offering deep knowledge and specialized skills. With cmsMinds, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner who is dedicated to your website’s longevity and success.


      Quick Response Times


      When issues arise, time is of the essence. Our team is committed to quick response times, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your website is back up and running as soon as possible.


      Clear Communication

      We keep you in the loop with regular, detailed reports on your website’s health and the actions we’ve taken. Transparency is key in our partnerships, ensuring you always know the status of your site.


      Transparent Support Practices


      With cmsMinds, there are no surprises. Every action, every solution, is communicated. We ensure that you're always in the loop, with a clear understanding of what's being done.


      Commitment to Innovation

      We’re constantly exploring new technologies and methods to enhance our website care services. This commitment to innovation means your website will always be ahead of the curve, benefiting from the latest advancements in web technology.



      Regular website care prevents potential issues such as security breaches, downtime, and poor user experience. A care plan ensures your website operates smoothly, stays protected against threats, and continues to support your business goals effectively.

      Yes, we offer customizable care plans to fit your specific needs. Whether you need even less or more comprehensive management including a website redesign, we can tailor our services to match the demands of your website and business.

      If your website experiences downtime, our team is notified immediately and begins troubleshooting to restore service as quickly as possible. Our care plans include proactive monitoring, which helps prevent many potential causes of downtime.

      Our Website Care Plans focus on technical SEO, which includes regular updates and optimizations that align your website with the latest search engine standards. This includes maintaining site speed and site architecture for better indexing. This technical care is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and user experience, factors that search engines heavily consider when determining rankings.

      Absolutely! Our care plans include support time for resolving issues and making changes to your website. Depending on your plan, this can range from minor tweaks to significant modifications like design tweaks or content changes.

      To get started, we typically conduct an initial audit to assess your website’s current state and identify any immediate needs. From there, we discuss your goals and select a care plan that best fits your requirements.

      Yes, you can switch between plans as your needs evolve. Our flexible approach allows you to upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime based on the changing demands of your business and website.

      Our care plans are distinguished by their comprehensive coverage, proactive approach to maintenance, and the ability to customize services. We focus on providing a seamless experience that ensures your website not only runs smoothly but also evolves with your business.

      Secure your site's future today. Enroll in a Website Care Plan and enjoy peace of mind with continuous performance and security.