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    Wordpress Plugin

    There are many reasons why WordPress became popular CMS, but we think these are the two important ones: Marketplace and the ability to build and integrate custom WordPress plugin.

    WordPress plugin
    Contact form

    Wordpress Plugin
    Pay With Contact Form 7

    As a WordPress development agency we’ve worked on many WordPress projects like simple brochure sites, enterprise level websites where we built new plugins, customized existing sites, integrating web services and integrating third party applications.

    One of the challenges we’ve observed for small business owners and websites is a simple way to collect donations or some purchase items. For these customers having a WooCommerce is an overkill. To help with this challenge in mind, cmsMinds created an add-on to Contact Form 7 plugin.

    Contact Form 7 plugin is one of the most downloaded and commonly used plugins for Contact Us pages. This will help save costs for building the website.

    Pay With Contact Form 7

    • It’s an add on to Contact Form 7
    • It makes receiving payment from donors or small items easier
    • Site owner can receive payment via PayPal.

    paypal integration
    Feature of the Add-on
    • Receive quick payment from a donor or users.
    • Add-on can be simple setup with very little information settings.
    • Back-end uses Contact Form 7 to monitor the submissions, which can also track payments received.
    • Currently we’ve integrated with PayPal. Stay tuned for future payment gateways to be integrated.
    • Allows settings where a client can set PayPal mode, currency, language.
    • Set item name, price on contact form.
    • Site owner can also create a form like a sell item with ‘fixed price’ or create a form like ‘donation’ where a user can add amount for donation.
    • Add a successful payment URL.
    • Add a cancel payment URL.
    • Plugin will save & list all the data of contact form 7 and also save & list PayPal payment details.