Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development: Aligning your website to your unique business DNA !!!

Custom WordPress Development

WordPress is by far the most popular and used cms for small, medium enterprise business. WordPress has the simplicity, versatility and scalability allowing businesses to build simple websites and stretch to the extent and ability of the developer’s competence. One can build simple WP sites using core and contrib plugins. Depending on the need, you can use complex contrib plugin or customize an existing one or develop custom plugin to address the specifications of the project.  With the help of Woo Commerce, one can enable a simple website into an e-commerce website. It’s easy to integrate with payment processor like Paypal or For certain businesses where they have custom needs for the business process or if you integrating disparate systems you can integrate using web services. It allows for flexible development.

Over the years cmsMinds has implemented and continuous to implement WordPress projects and has stretched its flexibility to its strength. We’ve used web services API from CRM and ERP and integrate them with custom forms. We have built custom WordPress solution to fit the business requirements. In past we’ve customized existing plugin or built new custom plugin.  Having experience doing of so many custom projects, we are confident and comfortable accepting new challenges. The team has experience working in different verticals and varied s

olutions that we can handle large complex custom WordPress development.

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