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      Shopify Store Design 2024: Best Guide and Examples

      Shopify Store Design 2024 Best Guide and Examples

      Okay, an interesting and proven fact!

      As per the survey, the word ‘shopping’ increases the dopamine level in all humans by 82.3%, especially girls!

      Not at all surprising? Right!

      We know it’s retail therapy.

      Therefore, equating LHS = RHS; shopify stores are helping the world increase its happiness index.

      And we being a shopify web design company in Raleigh, are a part of these increasing numbers!

      Shopify is a most sought – after, popular and admired ecommerce platform in the world, powering over 1.8 million online stores in around 173 countries.

      It offers a gamut of features and benefits for online merchants, such as security, easy setup, scalability, customization, and support.

      But how do you build a Shopify store that’s appealing, attracts the right customers and boosts sales?

      What are the best practices and trends to follow for Shopify store design in 2024?

      And what are some instances of successful Shopify stores that you can quickly hop on and get inspired by?

      Let’s get you clear on all the concerning matters regarding shopify store design ideas!

      What is Shopify Store Design?

      Shopify store design is a platform where you can create a customized online shop by simply picking a theme.

      It’s not just about the aesthetics, but also about performance, usability, and conversion rate.

      An ideal and well-designed Shopify store must have:

      • Right visual appeal and synchronization with the brand style.
      • User-friendly interface
      • Easy to navigate sitemap option
      • Responsive on all devices
      • Optimized for all engines
      • Rightly align with the goals and objectives

      Why is Shopify Store Design Important?

      Shopify store design is important because it can either make or break your online business even after spending a good amount of bucks in building the same. If the design doesn’t attract, it just doesn’t attract. Period.


      According to a study by Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Moreover, 75% of consumers admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website design.


      Shopify store design can also affect your store’s performance and conversion rate.


      As per Google, 53% of mobile users will abandon a site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Furthermore, a 1-second delay in page load time can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.


      Therefore, Shopify store design is a matter of preference as well as of survival competitive ecommerce edge.

      By designing a Shopify store that is attractive, functional, and effective, you can:

      • Bring in more traffic from the right target customers.
      • Increase trustworthiness and credibility.
      • Improve customer loyalty
      • Take a good boost over sales and revenue

      How to Design a Shopify Store in 2024?

      Designing is never a one-size-fits-all solution.

      1. Choose a Shopify Plan

      Choose a Shopify Plan

      Pick a plan from the 4 available plans.

      The best is to try a 14-day free trial of any Shopify plan. If needed for longer, you can always upgrade or downgrade from the current chosen plan.

      You can use free tools like:

      • Shopify Blog
      • Shopify Compass
      • Shopify Academy
      • Shopify Community

      2. Choose a Shopify Theme

      Choose a Shopify Theme

      The next step is to select a Shopify theme as per your brand and business.

      The best thing about their theme is it’s responsive and fit’s to any screen size automatically.

      Some good Shopify themes are:


      • Category – Free theme
      • Best for – All kinds of stores


      • Slideshow option available
      • Customization option for homepage design
      • A minimalist design
      • Additional testimonial section
      • Product recommendation section option


      • Category – Paid theme
      • Best for – fashion stores.


      • A good large viewable menu
      • Few click buying options
      • Collection sidebar
      • Robust product grid
      • Smooth and sophisticated


      • Category – Paid
      • Best for – Luxury and premium stores


      • Sticky header option available
      • Multiple product video option
      • Product zoom option
      • Image slideshow
      • A polished and modish design


      • Category – Paid
      • Best for – Any and every kind of store.


      • 70 pre-made demos
      • 23 homepage layouts
      • 15 product page layouts
      • 10 collection page layouts
      • An open-ended and adjustable design

      3. Add Products and Collections

      Add Products and Collections

      The next step is to add products and collections to your online store.

      For adding products in your Shopify store, go to

      Products section in your Shopify admin ==> click on Add product.

      Details to be filled:

      • Title
      • Price
      • Images
      • Variants
      • Shipping
      • Inventory
      • Description

      For adding collections to your Shopify store, go to

      Collections section in your Shopify admin == > click on Create collection.

      Details to be filled:

      • Title
      • Type
      • Image
      • Description

      There is also an option available for manual collections, that allows you to add manually as well as automatically.

      4. Create and Optimize Pages

      Create and Optimize Pages

      The next step is to build and optimize pages.

      Here, you need to optimize the content, images and videos onto your page in order to increase the page speed and user experience.

      Now that you know how you can build a shopify store and also which themes to pick in the coming year to stand out from the rest and succeed in your shopify design game!

      However, if you still find it difficult to design it on your own, you can always contact us for shopify store design services. We at cmsMinds, have a team of experts who would help you jot down your ideas into one beautiful screen store!

      Happy shopify-ing!

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      Ujjawal Laddha
      Ujjawal Laddha

      Ujjawal Laddha is a Business Growth Strategist at cmsMinds, where he excels in aligning technology solutions with business needs. With a knack for compelling storytelling and user-centric design, Ujjawal takes technical precision up a notch. He aims to educate on CMS platforms like WordPress, Drupal & Shopify, to help you take informed decisions for web development success.

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