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      Smart Nora

      Landing pages on headless Shopify, WordPress website

      Smart Nora is a contact-free snoring solution helping people solve snoring for good! Their patented technology detects early sounds of snoring and gently moves your pillow to stop the snore. It’s comfortable and hassle-free and has helped over 140,000 customers sleep better

        Services Provided

        • Design Prototype
        • Front end Development
        • Backend Development
        • QA & Software Testing

      Project Overview

      Our Role:

      Designing and Developing Landing Pages.

      Our Responsibilities:
      • Design and develop landing pages for their website.
      • Also provided them ongoing maintenance and optimization as needed.
      Our goal:

      Goal was to increase conversions and sales of Smart Nora’s products via these
      landing pages.

      Project Overview


      Our team showed great teamwork as this project was completed with the efforts of the WordPress, Shopify, and Laravel development teams. Highlights of the project:

      • Visually appealing landing pages designed
      • Seamless user experience achieved
      • WordPress with Bedrock used as a modern stack
      • Laravel with Bedrock provided flexible and scalable development
      • Headless Shopify and WordPress as a CMS used

      Why Headless Shopify for Ecommerce and WordPress as a CMS?

      • Shopify – powerful and user friendly e-commerce platform.
      • WordPress – Flexible, customizable, SEO & Performance friendly for high end designs.
      • Integration of both platforms meant best functionality and user experience.

      Why Laravel with Bedrock in WordPress?

      • Laravel with Bedrock = flexible, scalable dev stack for customization and extension.
      • Bedrock’s modular architecture = good for complex, flexible projects.
      • Laravel with Bedrock = modern, object-oriented approach to WP development, improving code quality and maintainability.


      Developing such a complex project including multiple platforms was not an easy task. Team and technology coordination was the toughest task. Following are some of the challenges we overcame during the project:

      • Integrating Laravel templates with WordPress core
      • Developing custom post types and taxonomies
      • Creating custom page templates and functions
      • Ensuring a cohesive and scalable architecture with the bedrock stack


      Overall, our work with Smart Nora was a great success, resulting in a suite of high-converting landing pages that effectively communicated the value and benefits of their products. We were able to overcome the challenges of integrating Laravel templates with WordPress core and provide ongoing maintenance and optimization services to ensure that the pages remained effective over time.

      SmartNora is a unique case study for startups & ecommerce companies looking for similar web solutions.



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