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      Bharat Gohel

      I am basically from Quality assurance, but also from last 4 years managing projects with the development team, Working with all sizes and different types of projects. We served quality projects to clients and clients are always happy with our work. I always do QA personally for my team projects. When I'm not at my desk, you may find me Traveling, Running, Playing cricket, reading books, and collecting antique coins.

      Bharat Gohel: Ensuring Excellence, One Project at a Time

      Bharat Gohel bridges the worlds of Quality Assurance and WordPress project management with unparalleled expertise. His journey at cmsMinds is marked by a steadfast commitment to quality, overseeing projects of all scopes and scales.

      For the past four years, Bharat has skillfully managed the WordPress development team, delivering projects that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

      His hands-on approach to Quality Assurance, personally overseeing the QA for team projects, ensures that every deliverable is synonymous with excellence.

      Bharat’s dedication to quality has cultivated a roster of satisfied clients, a testament to the rigorous standards and personal involvement he brings to each project.

      His ability to navigate the intricacies of WordPress projects, coupled with a keen eye for detail in QA, makes him a cornerstone of cmsMinds’ commitment to delivering superior web solutions.


      • Quality Assurance Expertise
      • WordPress Project Management
      • Client Satisfaction & Project Excellence
      • Hands-on QA Approach

      Off The Desk

      Bharat’s pursuit of personal interests such as travelling, running, cricket, reading, and collecting antique coins adds depth to his identity. These activities not only enrich his life but also inspire a balanced approach to his work, blending discipline with passion.

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