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      Jayesh Makwana

      My name is Jayesh Makwana with few years of experience in Life, and spent continous 7 years with Drupal & its customization work since the day I started my professional journey with current company cmsMinds. Yes, my company and myself, both are loyal and committed :), which helped me grow as Drupal team Lead here.
      When I am done with my assigned work of the day, I love listening music, spending time with friends, watching Cricket & enjoying Flash mob dance. I am almost a homebody, but I do not leave any chance to attend Drupal Meetups; in fact I am a regular attendee of Drupal camp India, to avail the opportunities of learning from Drupal community & exploring various edges and corners of Drupal Aspects.

      Jayesh Makwana: Drupal Architect and Community Contributor

      Jayesh stands out for his deep-rooted knowledge and experience in Drupal a commitment that has seen him from the early days of Drupal 6 to the latest iterations of this dynamic platform. Which have positioned him as Drupal Architecht and a key team leader for cmsMinds Drupal Team.

      An expert in Drupal migrations, Jayesh has mastered the intricacies of transitioning between various versions of the platform, ensuring seamless and efficient upgrades that enhance functionality and user experience.

      This specialized skill set places him at the forefront of Drupal development, embodying the technical prowess and strategic foresight required to navigate the complexities of modern web environments.

      His dedication to the Drupal community, combined with his commitment to delivering top-quality, customized web solutions, exemplifies his professional ethos.

      His contributions extend beyond project work; Jayesh is an avid participant in Drupal Meetups and camps, particularly Drupal Camp India. These engagements reflect his eagerness to learn from and contribute to the Drupal community, staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies.


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      Off The Desk

      Away from his desk, Jayesh’s life is filled with melodies, the excitement of cricket, and the joy of dance. His diverse interests not only keep him energized but also foster a creative and open-minded approach to his professional endeavours, echoing his dynamic personality and versatile expertise.

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