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      Pritesh Kanteliya

      Pritesh Kanteliya is a dynamic Team Lead in UI/UX and Web Design, known for his innovative approach to creating engaging and user-friendly digital experiences. With significant expertise in design and front-end development, he leads his team to craft designs that captivate users and meet business goals. His skills span UX and UI design, including wireframing, prototyping, and responsive design. Beyond the screen, Pritesh's passion for travel, cricket, and culinary adventures fuels his creativity, bringing unique perspectives to his work.

      Pritesh Kanteliya: Visionary in UI/UX and Web Design

      Pritesh Kanteliya excels as a Team Lead in UI/UX and Web Design, where creativity meets functionality in the digital domain. With a robust and comprehensive background in both designing and front-end development, Pritesh’s work is a testament to his versatility and dedication.

      With a focus on user-centric design principles, Pritesh guides his team through the intricacies of UX audits, user flows, information architecture, AB testing, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, and accessibility.

      His prowess in UI design encompasses visual design, brand identity, interaction design, responsive design, and design systems, ensuring that every project not only aligns with business objectives but also engages and delights users on a profound level.

      Pritesh’s leadership extends beyond design creativity to include project planning and coordination, stakeholder communication, and quality assurance. He takes pride in motivating his juniors towards achieving excellence, fostering a collaborative and inspiring work environment.


      • UI/ UX Design
      • Team Leader
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      • Client Communication

      Off The Desk

      Pritesh is a cricketer by Heart, he never misses Weekend morning or local Cricket tournaments, you can track his performance on cricheroes app. Apart from cricket he finds joy and inspiration in travelling to new destinations, engaging in quality time with family and friends. Pritesh’s off-work activities enrich his life, infusing his professional work with fresh perspectives and a zest for innovation. This balance between professional achievements and personal fulfilment makes Pritesh a dynamic leader and a visionary designer, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in UI/UX and web design.

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