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      Rajesh Laddha

      A successful entrepreneur for the last 15 years; helping people; learning; simplicity; believe in karma –These are the words that describes me. I have built two brands in this short period of time: cmsMinds and River Delta. I believe in quality not quantity and my employees are my family. When not in office, you can see me at one of the entrepreneurship or networking events in RTP to learn, to meet and to share. On weekends you may catch me playing or coaching baseball or basketball with kids.

      Raj Laddha: The Heart and Vision Behind cmsMinds

      At the helm of cmsMinds, Raj Laddha embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and a deeply ingrained people-first philosophy. With a storied career spanning over 25 years, Raj has been at the forefront of web development innovation, expertly navigating the complexities of building, strategizing, and executing visionary business solutions.

      His approach is characterized by a remarkable blend of warmth and industry acumen, driving cmsMinds toward a future where web solutions are not just about technology but about creating meaningful connections.

      Under Raj’s leadership, cmsMinds has flourished into a global entity, marking its presence in both the vibrant tech community of the RTP area in Raleigh, NC, and the bustling innovation hub of Ahmedabad, India.

      Raj’s forward-thinking mindset has propelled the company to the forefront of the web development sector, where cmsMinds is recognized not just for its technical excellence but for its commitment to transcending client expectations through genuine partnerships.

      Embrace the vision of Raj Laddha, where leadership meets innovation, and every web solution is a step toward a more connected and inspired world.


      • Entrepreneurship & Visionary Leadership
      • Web Development
      • Comprehensive Industry Expertise
      • People-Centric Philosophy
      • Strategic Global Business Development

      Off The Desk

      Outside of leading cmsMinds, Raj cherishes spending quality time with his family, embracing the moments that matter most.

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