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    Panini Tessuti

    About the Project

    For thirty years Panini Tessuti in Modena has been synonymous with experience, quality, and innovation in the sale of fabrics and curtains. A family-run company that, since 1987, offers customers a personalized consultancy service and the most suitable fabrics for the creation of clothing or for interior furnishings as regards curtains, curtains, and furnishing accessories. furniture. Present in Modena with a sales point of 500 square meters, the company specializes in curtains, furnishing fabrics, curtains, home and coordinated linens, fabrics and haberdashery for the packaging of exclusive and fashionable clothing. Panini Tessuti, always in step with the times and the latest trends able to satisfy your every need, through collections of curtains, fabrics, and accessories that combine the elegance of everyday life, aesthetic pleasure with practicality, restoring refinement and hospitality to any type of environment with classic and modern curtains.

    Technology - CSS - Javascript - Jquery - Magento 2 - MySql - PHP

    Categories -Shopware