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    Stem Fuse

    About the Project

    STEM Fuse Educate is a curriculum delivery platform. In other words, Educate is a tool for teachers and students to view and interact with STEM Fuse curriculum. To get a better understanding of some of the highlights feature list below.Provided free to all schools, teachers, and students,No downloads required, Educate operates through the internet.Course material is available digitally and in hard copy form.Curriculum is interactive, students are in control of their learning.Device agnostic from iPad to Chromebooks.Works on both Mac and Windows operating systems This is content management system with easily configurable screen based on Student and Teacher courses. Based on a selection, of course, one will have access to a different screen as well as admin can offer a different discount to student and teacher.

    Technology - CSS - Drupal 7 - HTML - Jquery - MySql

    Categories -Drupal