PHP Web Development Service

A strong, secure web framework is essential in a business world that relies on large quantities of content that constantly updates. It is a big part of the modern user experience, and businesses are starting to realize the importance of consistent content creation. Content keeps the business “on the radar” with search engines, encouraging their robots to crawl and index the site on a regular basis.

Custom PHP Web Applications:

PHP, on open source and widely used web application language is our choice of tool to build php web applications. Businesses can build custom web applications using MVC frameworks and PHP language. We have designed, build and deployed several robust web applications fulfilling the most complex of client requirements on a consistent basis. We are experienced and have dedicated PHP programmers and experts who can analyze the most intricate business logic, and working associated with large volumes of data storage and processing.

PHP Web Application Development for CMS

PHP supports most common CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Many useful extensions for these platforms run on PHP and provide added functionality that allows to integrate applications like: social media, crm, logistics, back-end and legacy applications. Relying on PHP to power your CMS gives you more control over customization and allows you to easily manage large amounts of content.

Selecting Frameworks:

With the help of MVC frameworks alike Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter a PHP developer can build fast, scalable and easy to maintain applications. One of the biggest challenge that a CIO or CTO or a business owner faces is to maintain application in the long run, once the developer who built is no longer on the project. With the good coding practice and use of any MVC framework, it will help business to maintain the system without big learning curve for future developers. As a PHP web development company, our team focuses on these simple but important basics of application build out.


Why PHP?

● Open source, scalable and secured
● Strong, vibrant PHP community. Easy access to resources
● PHP supports many frameworks (Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend, Symphony, cakePHP).
● PHP supports many CMS (Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla).
● PHP supports Object Oriented Programming with MVC architecture.
● Cost effective solution.
● Supports almost all databases, servers and web browsers.
● Runs smoothly on platforms like Apache and IIS.
● Web applications with multilingual and database support.
● Integration with payment gateways
● Large technical support available.
● Cost Effective.

Let, cmsMinds Handle Your Custom PHP Development

The PHP programmers and developers at cmsMinds have extensive experience in custom PHP development. To help deliver a robust and scalable solution, we invest in our team to keep abreast with all the changes that’s happening. The depth and breadth of our team can help you build a new module for CMS, custom application or build new functionalities for the existing and maintain the same future releases.

• Built and integrated a variety of custom applications
• Created personalized programs to meet complex requirements
• Utilized object oriented programming and MVC structure to create responsive environments

Planning a Project

Please contact one of our team members for the free estimate on PHP web development services for your project. You can speak to Raj @ 978-455-4515 or complete the online contact us form to provide scope of project for evaluation. We respect copyright and proprietary information and gladly sign the NDA.

PHP Development Service

PHP is the world’s most popular content management system

PHP E-commerce Development Service

PHP E-commerce Development Service

Custom PHP Ecommerce Web Development solution.

Custom PHP Development Service

Custom PHP Development Service

Over the years cmsMinds has implemented and continuous to implement PHP projects and has stretched its flexibility to its strength.

PHP based CMS Development Service

PHP based CMS Development Service

Our team of professional offshore PHP developers have an expertise CMS Development service.

PHP Framework Development Service

PHP Framework Development Service

PHP is a supportive framework that works as a spine of any website and gives it a unique shape.

Dedicated PHP Developers

Dedicated PHP Developers

Hire PHP developer for your on-going needs.

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