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      • Aug 2014
      • Drupal

      Acquia Drupal Configuration

      • Installing Acquia Drupal from scratch:
        “Use this information as a guide as you install, migrate, or upgrade to Acquia Drupal, connect your website to the Acquia Network, and get introduced to Acquia’s technical support and network services.”
      • Acquia Dev Desktop:
        Let Acquia’s “DAMP stack” installer take care of the installation and basic configuration on your Windows or Mac computer.
      • Acquia Drupal SVN repository:
        Use the Acquia Drupal SVN repository for the most reliable installation and update of your Acquia Drupal website on your local machine or remote server.
      • Install Acquia Drupal manually:
        You can accomplish this on any OS (including Linux) using the either a .zip file or tarball archive.
      • Microsoft Web Platform Installer:
        Let the Microsoft installer platform take care of installation on a variety of Windows platforms.
      • Activate functionality-(required modules)
        “activate the default modules for acquia network like (Acquia agent, Acquia search, Acquia Site Profile Information, Apache Solr Access, Apache Solr framework, Apache Solr search)”
        If there is no acquia network module then download it and activate in admin section
      • Connect to the Acquia Network
        Connect to the Acquia Network
        (Admin->configuration->system->Acquia Network settings)
      • Click on “migrate” option
        Transfer a fully-functional copy of your site to Acquia Cloud
      • Open http://network.acquia.com/
        Login with your account details
        Click on “sites”
        Click on your project
        Click on cloud
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