Paragraph Module in Drupal 8

To make your content more appropriate and easy we have come up with a new module that will help you to segregate the content into paragraph.Paragraph module: It provides more editing power to end users. It allows option to add content based on the Paragraph type instead of inserting whole content section in WYSIWYG body. Install module for configuring this option in Drupal 8 website.

For this tutorial, we will create a basic Content paragraph type which will have two fields: Left Image and Description.

Steps for adding these fields in paragraphs type.

1. Go to the navigation bar click on Structure and “Paragraphs types”.

2. On this link “Add a Paragraphs type” button will be available for adding paragraphs type in site. Click on “Add a Paragraphs type” button.

3. You just need to add paragraphs type name (Demo) and click on save button for adding Paragraph type.

4. Now, add fields in this paragraphs type.

5. Add two fields (image and text) in this paragraphs type.

For using this paragraphs type in website, add this paragraph field to content type ‘Article’ as field. Check below image for adding field as Paragraph type.

Create Article with Paragraph fields.

1. Go to Content, “Add content” and click on Article.

2. Enter “Test article” in the Title and scroll down to the Paragraphs Demo field.

3. Click on the Add Demo for adding left image and Desc paragraph content with respect to Article. After adding it, you should be able to see the content of this Paragraph.

To reciprocate, we can manage the content of the website by dividing whole page section into different paragraph type.

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