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    Web Design

    Make your best impression with your first impression. cmsMinds are experts in building attractive, user-friendly and state-of-the-art websites.

    Hire Website Design Services - cmsMinds

    Web Design

    In years past, a company’s first impression may have come from an ad in the phone book, a call from a salesperson, or even a business card. Today, you make your first impression with your web presence. The experts at cmsMinds are here to help you develop an attractive, user-friendly website, web application and/or E-commerce solution that puts your best impression forward for users and potential customers. We are veterans working with all sized businesses.

    Our team will take you through a discovery process for your particular needs and suggest the most appropriate web design, depending on your needs:

    • Website
    • App
    • E-commerce solution
    • All three

    We focus on an intuitive solution that guides our design of the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) when we proceed to the design stage. cmsMinds ensures that the front-end design will seamlessly integrate with your back-end processes and databases, to create an easy to use and understand user experience.




    When it comes to web design, cmsMinds knows that one size does not fit all. This comes to the size of your organization and the size of the screen where your users will be viewing your website. We will consult with you to help decided the best optimization for your existing web presence, or whether it is time to evolve to the next level with a new suite of web platforms.

    Behind the scenes, our experts will work on the best platform for your website:

    • Custom HTML/CSS
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Others

    On the front-end, we’ll design an attractive, user-friendly, responsive experience (using Omega, Bootstrap & etc…) that looks good on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices, with an eye toward where the next user platform is coming from.

    As important to the look of your web presence is how it integrates with your users and customers. Our design process includes building data collection tools that ensure you capture and convert the maximum number of users to your website, app, and E-commerce platform.

    A well-performing website should flow from process to process in a way that ‘seems to make sense’. cmsMinds designers are experts in creating intuitive website designs that make the user’s experience easy and enjoyable.
    The cmsMinds design team always works with the user in mind. Designing a user-friendly and functional user interface and user experience is key to success. Our veteran designers are experts in creating the best possible experience.
    Responsive is about a single source of content across many screen sizes and, therefore, requires the content upfront for a truly perfect design that spans all devices. Web design is an add-on of page design, and, Page design was all about organized the perfect paragraph. The cmsMinds design team always works with responsive design.
    Your designers at cmsMinds will work with you to explore your website’s needs. If a pre-made website template doesn’t fit your organizational needs, we are experts in custom theme development to match your organization’s goals.
    Our design experts will work with your existing website to ensure it functions as well as possible, offering upgrades and customizations where necessary.
    JavaScript is used to control the behavior of different elements. cmsMinds team creating complex design easily use of javascript, Javascript is the more powerful scripting language for website design.
    Once our design team has evaluated and optimized your website, we focus on keeping things simple. cmsMinds is your partner in keeping your web presence properly maintained, to be an ongoing contributor to your company’s success.

    How Is It Done?

    Contact us and we’ll begin the process of taking your website, app, or E-commerce solution to the next level. Whether you need a revision to your existing platform or a custom solution, the experts at cmsMinds are ready to become your expert and affordable partner and contribute to your success.

    From our centers in North Carolina and India, we have experts ready to support, build or rebuild, and maintain your organization’s presence on the web applications and E-commerce solutions, with the goal of keeping your website, apps, and CMS current and secure at a price that’s right for you.

    Contact our experts at info@cmsminds.com to begin the next steps.