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      Our biggest WordPress project till date !!

      MarketingOps is the community-led platform for Marketing Operations Professionals, a community of thousands of Marketing Operations Professionals (MO Pros) that aim to elevate each other and the role of Marketing Ops daily.

      The project’s primary goal was to create an online marketing operations platform that could streamline marketing activities for businesses.

        Services Provided

        • Design Prototype
        • Front end Development
        • Backend Development
        • QA & Software Testing

      Project Overview

      Our Role:

      Developing an Interactive E-Learning Platform

      Our Responsibilities:
      • Develop an online marketing operations and an inclusive learning hub platform in WordPress.
      • Implement an integrated e-commerce system for courses, subscriptions, and premium content monetization.
      • Seamlessly integrate with HubSpot and Printful, harnessing their marketing capabilities.
      Our goal:

      Developing an online marketing operations platform to streamline business marketing activities.

      Project Overview


      Our team leveraged various WordPress plugins to create a robust platform that fulfilled the requirements. Here are the major achievements which we have achieved:

      • LearnDash: To create an online learning platform within MarketingOps. This feature enabled businesses to train their employees on various marketing skills and techniques. They also come with great learnings for the marketing audience.
      • Profile Builder: To enable users to create and manage their profiles on the platform. Their profiles help them manage courses, blog articles, badges, etc in one single place.
      • WP Job & Resume Manager: MarketingOps is a platform that engages with several agencies and brings in work. This creates a job portal where businesses could post job vacancies, and job seekers could apply for them.
      • Printful Integration: MarketingOps has its own swag. To manage the perfect design of those swags and clean delivery, they partnered with Printful.
      • Hubspot Integration: They consider HubSpot a great marketing tool and a warehouse of their customer data. So for saving all the enquiries and building their fan base, and subscribers, they use this platform.
      • WooCommerce Memberships & Subscriptions: To gate their premium content, this WooCommerce extension was used.


      Developing such a complex project from scratch was not an easy task. Here are some of the challenges we overcame during the project:

      • Profile Builder Page: We have used Elementor as a page builder the client wants every special page’s content stored as a template and we have made them according to client requirements. Also, we have managed fewer things using short-code to manage mostly using default elements which are provided by Elementor.
      • Customer Data Migration: MarketingOps was previously themopros.com. They had large customer interaction and money flowing every day. The development was done on a fresh domain but then migrating the database to an Elementor site was challenging and tedious at the same time.
      • Grouping LearnDash Products: Grouping LearnDash products to make them more accessible for users was challenging.
      • Gutenberg used for LearnDash certificates: The client hired a web designer who came up with a very unique design for the certificate. Technically, the complete structure of the certificate was changed which became a bigger challenge during implementation.


      In conclusion, the MarketingOps project was a massive project, and we are thrilled to have successfully accomplished all its various functions within a single WordPress system. This project is a testament to our team’s ability to tackle significant projects, and we are proud of the outcome. The client was pleased with our team’s dedication to meeting deadlines, pixel-perfect implementation and responsiveness to keep them informed throughout the project’s progress.

      Our aim is to help all businesses of different sizes and Industries with their web design/development needs whether it is a simple one-page website or a custom web application, we do it all.

      Our team has extensive experience working on WordPress, Shopify, and Drupal projects, and we welcome new challenges like MarketingOps.

      If you need assistance with your website, Schedule a call with us, and let us improve your digital presence !!


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