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      Who needs
      Drupal Multisite Services

      educational-institutions Educational Institutions

      Universities, colleges, and school districts often have multiple departments, faculties, or individual schools. With Multisite, each can have its distinct digital space while maintaining the overarching branding of the institution. This ensures a cohesive brand identity while allowing each department the flexibility to cater to its specific audience.

      government-agencies Government Agencies

      Government bodies, from local to federal levels, can manage various departmental sites with ease. Drupal Multisite ensures consistent communication, compliance with accessibility standards, and secure handling of sensitive information across all platforms.

      corporations-with-multiple-brands Corporations with Multiple Brands

      Large corporations that house multiple brands or subsidiaries can benefit from Drupal Multisite by providing a cohesive customer experience across all brand websites, streamlining the management process, and consolidating backend operations.

      media-publishing-houses Media & Publishing Houses

      For media conglomerates that manage multiple brands and publications, Drupal Multisite offers the ability to swiftly deploy content across various sites, maintain editorial standards, and manage digital rights effectively, all from one central location.

      Why Choose Drupal Multisite?


      Platform Management

      Drupal Multisite allows for the efficient management of multiple websites through a single platform, reducing the complexity and time involved in maintaining various sites separately. This approach ensures a uniform user experience and simplifies administrative workflows.



      By sharing a core codebase and resources, Drupal Multisite reduces the overhead costs associated with running multiple independent sites. It optimizes hosting and development expenses, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations managing a suite of sites.


      Consistent Branding
      Across Channels

      Ensure consistent branding and theming across all your sites with Drupal’s centralized theming system. This facilitates a uniform brand presence, which is vital for organizations looking to maintain a coherent identity across different divisions or geographical locations.


      Security Protocol

      With Drupal Multisite, you benefit from a singular security model. Updates and patches can be applied universally, ensuring that all your sites are secured against vulnerabilities simultaneously, thus maintaining high-security standards across the board.


      for Growth

      As your business expands, Drupal Multisite scales with you. New sites can be added to the network without the need to create new infrastructure from scratch, allowing for seamless growth and expansion.


      Access and Permissions

      Drupal Multisite provides granular control over access and permissions. Different user roles can be set across the network, enabling diverse teams to work independently on their respective sites while still under the overarching governance of the central administration.

      Ready to amplify your business operations with our Drupal Multisite expertise?

      Why Choose cmsMinds for Drupal Multisite Services?


      Driven by Business Goals


      Our multisite solutions are not just about technology – they’re about aligning with your business vision. We tailor each site to support and drive your core business goals, ensuring that your online presence is a true asset to your growth.


      Quality as a Benchmark

      cmsMinds is synonymous with quality. Speed in deployment does not come at the expense of performance; we ensure your multisite network is robust, secure, and ready to serve your users without compromise.


      Expert Multisite Architects


      Our team at cmsMinds specializes in Drupal’s multisite architecture, offering expert guidance and implementation services that ensure your multisite setup is efficient, reliable, and scalable.


      Continuous Partnership

      With cmsMinds, expect a dynamic partnership. Our team engages with you at every stage, involving you in the decision-making process, ensuring that the multisite development journey is shared, collaborative, and successful.


      Commitment to Transparency


      We operate with full transparency. Regular, detailed updates and open lines of communication are integral to our process, providing you with clarity and peace of mind every step of the way.


      Customized Solutions for Complex Needs

      We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Each Drupal multisite is tailored to the unique requirements of your organization, ensuring that the architecture fits your content strategy and business goals.



      Romantic Asheville



      Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey



      CWG Ministries



      Drupal Multisite allows you to manage multiple websites from a single Drupal codebase. Each site shares the core software and can have unique databases, configurations, and content. This differs from running multiple single installations where each website is completely separate, requiring individual maintenance and updates.

      While Drupal Multisite is excellent for organizations looking to streamline the management of several sites with similar features, it’s not ideal for every scenario. It’s best suited for businesses that require consistent functionality and design across their sites, such as franchises, academic institutions, and corporate branches.

      Each site in a Drupal Multisite network can be optimized individually for SEO. You have the ability to tailor metadata, content, and keywords to each site’s specific audience and objectives, without affecting the SEO of other sites in the network.

      Yes, it can. By consolidating multiple websites under a single Drupal installation, you save on hosting costs, reduce time spent on maintenance, and streamline the update process, which can significantly reduce overall operational expenses.

      Traffic management in Drupal Multisite depends on your hosting environment. With proper configuration and scalable hosting solutions, each site can respond independently to traffic surges while sharing the same resources and infrastructure.

      Absolutely. While each site operates from the same codebase, you can configure individual user roles and permissions per site. This allows for granular control over who can access and edit specific sites and content within your network.

      Adding a new site to a Drupal Multisite setup involves creating a new site directory with a unique settings file, adding a database for the new site, and configuring the domain settings. Technical expertise is required to ensure seamless integration with the existing network.

      Drupal Multisite ensures brand consistency by using shared themes and modules across all sites. This enables uniformity in design and function, while still allowing for site-specific customizations as needed.

      No, it will not. Each site in a Drupal Multisite setup can have its own customized themes, content types, and functionality. Shared modules can be overridden on individual sites, providing a balance between uniformity and customization.

      At cmsMinds, we implement best practices for security, including regular updates, secure configuration settings, and the use of advanced security modules. We also perform routine backups and monitoring to ensure data integrity across your multisite network.

      Ready to amplify your business operations with our Drupal Multisite expertise?