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    We have built more than 100 WordPress websites, associated with projects of all sizes and scales.

    Hire WordPress Developer - cmsMinds

    WordPress Development

    cmsMinds are experts in helping businesses choose the right platform for their web presence. One of the most popular and best-adopted website platforms is WordPress. WordPress started life as a blogging platform back in 2003, as a free, open-source content management system (CMS). Depending on what data points you want to believe, WordPress has become the architecture of choice for 30% – 60% of the most popular websites.

    WordPress has a massive variety of themes to choose from to adapt to your business needs. cmsMinds is also skilled at customizing WordPress themes to meet the demands of your business. And as a theme and plugin based website framework, WordPress has a robust capability to stay fresh and current as your website grows.

    Why WordPress?

    The expert designers at cmsMinds will take you and your organization through a discovery process to see whether WordPress makes the most sense for you.  If WordPress makes sense, cmsMinds will take you through the design process to make sure that the theme and plugin choices made will carry out the business functions your organization needs, including connecting any e-commerce you are conducting. And if existing themes don’t match up with your organization’s needs, cmsMinds’ expert designers will then explore customizing a WordPress theme to make sure all of your business needs are met.

    During the design process, cmsMinds will explain how your website will perform across all the platforms you’ll need to meet your customers where they’re looking for you. The cmsMinds team will explain how a responsive design will make sure that your website functions well everywhere your customers are looking at it, whether it is in desktop, tablet, or mobile configuration.

    If your website is already operating on a WordPress theme, cmsMinds will evaluate the website and make suggestions about making sure the site is current, with all updates installed. Or if your website is dated, designers will work with you to migrate to a more up to date version of a WordPress theme, ensuring functionality and seamless transfer of data.

    Advantages of WordPress:

    • Easy User Management
    • Flexibility
    • Simple Content Management
    • Scalability
    • Support
    • Speed and Efficiency

    What We Do
    Development Services

    • WordPress Theme Development

      WordPress has thousands of “off-the-shelf” themes. However, cmsMinds are theme experts and can develop a custom WordPress theme to match your needs.

    • Custom WordPress Development

      WordPress is designed to be a great platform just as it is. But cmsMinds are experts in customizing its various features for you, to make the most out of your experience.

    • WordPress Plugin Development

      A WordPress theme is a framework for a website. But plugins define the user experience Our developers can customize, or create, plugins for your WordPress site.

    • WordPress Migration

      If you have an existing website, cmsMinds are experts in migrating content and data to your new WordPress site, with an attention to detail and eliminating data loss.

    • Enterprise WordPress

      While WordPress may have started out as a blogging platform, our experts recognize it now one of the most powerful tools for websites at the enterprise scale.

    • WordPress + WooCommerce

      Our developers have extensive experience adopting WooCommerce plugins to WordPress to supercharge your e-commerce needs.

    Hire Us as Your WordPress Developer

    Contact our experts at info@cmsminds.com to take the next steps in making us your developer for WordPress. We are ready to work when you are.

    HIRE cmsMinds
    WORDPRESS Development

    cmsMinds has more than a decade of experience working with WordPress themes and plugins, as well as customizing themes and developing custom plugins. We help clients like you make the choice of whether WordPress is the right choice for you. The robust variety of existing themes and plugins, combined with the ease of customizing themes for business’s particular needs, means that WordPress is a strong candidate for any website migration and/or build.

    Other development services include analysis of your website’s needs, consideration of e-commerce, and any app development which may be needed to support your online efforts.

    From our centers in Raleigh, North Carolina, and India, we have the developers in place and ready to support your organization’s move to WordPress presence on the web, with the goal of keeping your web presence current and secure at a price that’s right for you.

    Hire WordPress Developer - cmsMinds
    wordpress meetup

    Meet us @ Meetups

    cmsMinds developers take community service seriously. You’ll find us at local meetups, helping fellow developers work on projects, and giving advice to people just getting started in the industry for free.

    We frequently attend conferences (during non-COVID times!), not only as attendees but as expert panelists and as mentors.

    You’ll see our contributions as part of the WordPress core and in the plugin marketplace. One of our specialties is helping small businesses build out e-commerce capabilities without extensive investment. Read more about this project here: