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    Hire Dedicated Resources

    cmsMinds adds value to your bottom-line by allowing you to choose the level of affordable support from our virtual team.


    Hire Dedicated Resources

    Your company is best at what you do. The experts at cmsMinds are best at what we do. We will provide you with the support you need for your web, app, and e-commerce solutions while you focus on your core business.

    Our team becomes your dedicated team of virtual, on-demand experts, staying current with front-end website platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, and Drupal. We pay attention to the back-end details of web design in areas like MEAN stack, AngularJS, and Node.js to deliver a seamless experience to your users and customers.

    Our team adds value to your bottom-line by allowing you to choose the level of affordable support from your remote team.

    The Benefits of Hiring cmsMinds & Dedicated Resources

    cmsMinds dedicated resources are just that, dedicated to your organization. Our clients benefit by having SMEs available on their schedule, while saving on precious capital and operating expenses.

    Your dedicated team is flexible and designed to provide just as much support as you need, whether it’s on-demand, part-time or full-time. cmsMinds’ dedicated resources work on your projects, only, and on your time schedule.



    Dedicated Resources Available at cmsMinds

    At cmsMinds we believe in working with complete honesty and transparency with our clients. We have a standard process of working on any project. Whether you hire Magento developer or Joomla developer, you will observe that the way of analysing the project, reporting and delivery is common among all the dedicated resources. We have trained and maintained this format based on our years of experience. Any dedicated resources hired by our client first analyses your requirements, runs a market research on your requirements, comes up with the gap analysis that is observed and then based on your final confirmation starts with the project. This not only helps the clients to get innovative solution, but also easily connect to the resource. We also offer weekly and monthly reporting to all our clients by which they are aware of each new progress in their project.

    For more than a quarter of a century, PHP has been a powerful scripting language for website developers. cmsMinds are experts in working with PHP to make the most of its features for our clients.
    WordPress has a massive variety of themes to choose from to adapt to your business needs. cmsMinds is also skilled at customizing WordPress themes to meet the demands your business.
    cmsMinds are experts with Magento. Our developers were early-adopters of this robust, scalable E-commerce platform, and have more than a decade of experience working in the Magento environment.
    As your CMS developer, cmsMinds experts will lead you through an evaluation and decide whether optimizing Joomla or moving to another CMS, makes the most sense for your organization’s goals.
    Whether you’re converting your existing website to Drupal, upgrading from Drupal 5.x – 7.x to Drupal 8, or getting ready for Drupal 9, cmsMinds has the team in place to make your website a contributor to your customer service, client and E-commerce requirements.
    As experts in MEAN stack web development, cmsMinds values the powerful and robust platforms this style of website development offers. In contrast to full stack or LAMP stack development, MEAN stack development works within one language (Javascript) for rapid interactions and ease of use in websites and web applications.
    Developers at cmsMinds are experts in choosing when to use, and working with AngularJS. Hiring our dedicated developers allows your team to focus on doing what your business does best.
    The expert developers at cmsMinds will discuss Node.js benefits during the discovery and design process and explain how it fits into the overall user experience (UX) for your products.
    The experts at cmsMinds are here to help you develop an attractive, user-friendly website, web application, and/or E-commerce solution that puts your best impression forward for users and potential customers. We are veterans working with all sized businesses.

    What We Do


    cmsMinds dedicated resources are customizable to your needs. We help you make wise choices with your budget by providing affordable, dedicated experts who are truly on your team.

    Our remote, but continually-accessible experts will work at whatever level makes sense for your organization, up to 8 hours a day, 6 days a week allowing you to focus on your business.

    If you have any questions about how our dedicated resources can help you maximize your business operations, email us at info@cmsminds.com or call +1(978) 455-4515.